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aaaa.jpgWe had a great time at the “Light the Night” walk for leukemia and lymphoma.

Bald Man works for an aweseome company. It’s not big or flashy, but totally family oriented. I love it. There were several dozen of his co-workers and their family members walking with us. You know it’s cool when the bigwigs are there walking with you. 😀

I thought of our little friend, Abby, who beat leukemia. She is such a fun, spunky girl, and a good friend to our daughter. All of the survivors who walked held a white balloon. It was so cool to see all of those who have won the battle. I was proud to be among them.

I also thought of Kate‘s father, and so many others whose lives were drastically shortened by this cancer. I was so proud to walk for them. I hope that our meager efforts will help raise awareness and find a cure for leukemia and lymphoma.

And I hope that our children will, through this experience and many others, realize that their efforts can make positive differences in the lives of others. I hope that experiences like these serve to shape their futures. I was proud to be walking with my family. Even when, for the 20th time, Samantha said, “Are we almost done yet, Mom?”

Thanks to all who donated!

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Does your bank account resemble this little piggy? There’s a few coins jumbling around, but not much in case of emergency?

Money is such a huge issue. I don’t know one person (including me!!) who hasn’t, at some point, complained about money. And I don’t recall one of those people complaining that they had more than they knew what to do with. Funny, huh? And how is it that the person with 2x as much as me complains about not having enough, while the person with so much less seems to be surviving?

Oh! I take that back. There is one person I know who I don’t recall ever having complained about money. My grandma. I’m not saying she never has complained, but I have honestly never heard her. And, if there ever was a person who had a right to, it would be her.

She absolutely grew up in the depression, though I’m not sure if her family would really have noticed a difference. She is an immigrant, and I think she and her immediate family had to fight for every opportunity, every job, every benefit that we take for granted, and I’m not sure how much victory they had in achieving those benefits for themselves. But I know that I am thankful for their lifelong efforts. I reap the benefits.

What I do know is that she’s a survivor, and a provider. She raised 5 children, helped to raise some of her 12 grandchildren, and is now great-grandma to 5 (number 6 on the way—-no! not me!) more children who will be able to hear the story of this amazing woman whose victorious, strength-filled life made theirs’ possible.

Okay, so this post was supposed to be about how we are trying to teach our kids good money habits when we’re still struggling to figure it out ourselves. Instead, I’m reminded of the legacy of my family, and am forced to recognize the wealth that I already have, to help those who have less (because there are always are people with less), and am compelled to do it all with love and grace. Thanks, Grandma.

BTW-For those tips and thoughts I might have shared, head on over to 1SmartMom and check out her post on teaching kids about money. She mentions Dave Ramsey, so it’s got to be good!

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What are you, chicken?

achick.jpgFor the longest time, my son thought any meat that he ate was chicken. He liked chicken, he assumed all meat was the same, and that was fine with us. He ate. These days, he assumes all food is simply not worth the time required to eat it. He would rather be bouncing. Seriously, all this kid does is bounce. Bounce on the floor, bounce down the stairs (trying VERY hard to discourage this one), bounce on the pillows, bounce on other people (he does get in trouble for that one). You’d think he’d realize that he needs some yummy morsels to keep up the energy to continue on with all that “Tigger bouncing”, but apparently he’s getting enough, because he’s still going (and going and going…).

My daughter will eat almost anything, but nothing quickly. An hour this morning for a scrambled egg, a piece of turkey bacon (I don’t think my kids will ever know what real, yummy, greasy bacon tastes like. Poor things, they had to be born to a mommy who needs to lose some poundage!), and a piece of toast. An HOUR. And that’s not her record, either. I think an hour and a half is still in the books for that particular meal. And that’s with us constantly reminding her to, “EAT!” She has way too many other things on her mind. Too many games to play, questions to ask, observations to make. Apparently, those things don’t require the consumption of food, at least not in a timely manner.

My youngest will eat anything. He especially favors whatever I’ve forgotten to sweep up from under the kitchen table. Yuck. I’m trying to dissuade that particular habit. It would be nice if that could be accomplished by just not HAVING anything under the kitchen table, but I don’t see that as a reality anytime soon.

Me? I eat whatever can be consumed standing up, in between moments of getting a hundred other things done. I eat anything that will still be palatable after sitting around for 20-30 minutes. Sometimes I just can’t get to my food right away, sometimes I honestly forget that I was eating.

Okay, who’s kidding who? I’ll eat anything. Such is the reason for the poundage that needs to be lost. Ugh.

Alright, alright, I hear ya. Instead of complaining anymore about the weight today, I’ll just be thankful that I have plenty to eat: hot, cold or otherwise.

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Light the Night

aatree.jpgBald Man and I are joining his office and a few friends to participate in “Light the Night.” This is the annual walk dedicated to raising money to find a cure for blood cancers (lymphoma, leukemia).

If you’d like to participate, meet us at our local walk this Thursday night, September 28th, or find out where there’s a walk near you.

If you’d like to sponsor us, check out Bald Man’s post about our matching incentive plan!! Or go straight to the on-line donation page.

We walk in honor of co-workers, family and friends who have been touched by leukemia, lymphoma and other types of cancer.

And many THANKS to those who have already donated!

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ajakevik.jpgOkay, I’m having way to much fun shooting tons of photos while borrowing my mom’s digital. I’ll have to get my own one of these days!!! But mine will definitely have to have a little more zoom than hers. I’ll have to see what Darren recommends. Don’t think I can hold out til I can get a DSLR, but I do want to start taking advantage of the benefits of digital! Though I do still love my SLR…..but I digress…

Ahem, okay now…

I could not resist this photo!!! Is he not the cutest thing ever sleeping in that Viking hat on SIDEWAYS?!? Love it. Thanks, Mom and Kel, for the gift from Norway!!! I do believe the flash was invented so that moms everywhere could one day embarrass their kids with a million and one photos of them sleeping. Good thing it didn’t wake him!

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Remember this song from Sesame Street? I think people must think of this whenever my three children are together. The two oldest look very similar to each other. The third has similar features, but other more prominent features that definitely set him apart.

I’ve been (jokingly) accused of child-snatching at church because he looks so different from me. At Cracker Barrel, I walked in by myself with the three of them. A grandmotherly type lady, with a face full of amusement, asked, “Are they all yours?” I was very proud to answer, “Yes.”

I am very proud of all of my children. Honestly. I’m equally in love with each of them, frustrated by each of them, challenged by each of them, and inspired by each of them. I am filled with pride and joy at being their mom.

But, I have to admit, I am especially enchanted by the features of my youngest. After bearing two children who look remarkably similar to me, I was tiring of the question, “Are you ever going to have one who looks like your husband?” Truthfully, our oldest has features VERY similar to her dad, but the dark hair that is the color of mine automatically makes her evidently my daughter, and not evidently his. Even though her hair is as straight and fine as his was, with not a hint of the thickness or curl of mine.

Our second looks just like me, only male, and much younger (duh). Our third really looks nothing like me. His gold-spun hair and sparkling blue eyes are all Daddy. And I prayed that he would have those features. I know, I know, some may find that shallow. And I did pray first just for his good health. But, I believe that God hears us, and takes delight in bringing us joy. And so, I asked, if He didn’t care either way, could I please have a blonde, blue-eyed baby?

Now, you have to know me to know why this was a surprising request to most. I am an Hispanic female, with the darker skin, hair, and eyes that are typical of Hispanics. No one believed that I could have a blonde, blue-eyed baby. I happen to know a bit about genetics, though, and knew that it was possible for me.

Everyone told me to give up the dream. Even my obstetrician, who delivered all three of my babies, and who I happen to adore, kept telling me there was no way. “Give it up, Kerri. It’s not going to happen.”

HA! Here are my babies:

asam.jpg ajake.jpg aluke.jpg

Some people try til they get a girl or a boy. We tried til we got a blonde. 😀 Not really. 😉

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aleaf.jpgIt’s the first fallen leaf of autumn!

Okay, maybe not THE first fallen leaf of autumn. Cause, um, there’ve been LOTS of autumns over the course of time. And, well, I suppose that there were other leaves that fell before this one even THIS autumn.

Okay, so you got me. It wasn’t even the first fallen leaf of this autumn in my yard. It was the just the prettiest I could find yesterday afternoon.

But still…it’s autumn!!!! It’s my favorite season of the year. And it’s one of those times that I’m glad that I live in an “established” (read as “old”) neighborhood—-mature trees!!! Our street, with all of the tall trees, absolutely explodes in color. Prepare yourself for a barrage of autumn photos here (so long as my mom forgets that her digital camera is in my possession).

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First step: Years before you have children, find one of the most impractical TV cabinets to own in a house with kids. Make sure it is low to the ground, with only a tiny hole in the front on the floor through which all manner of small toys and such can freely enter, but not exit.

Second step: Make sure you have lots of objects to lose through such hole. Objects must be only slightly smaller than the hole, and should preferrably be oddly shaped. That ensures that, even though they go through the hole easily, they will be quite a bit of trouble to get out.

Third: Have a few kids. Wait a couple of years while they grow a bit.

Fourth: Let said kids have smallish objects which are safe for them because they won’t choke, but not safe for you because you will step on them and lose them through small holes under your TV. This should include a small green plastic truck.

Fifth: Have your two-year-old go to retrieve the small green truck in the process of cleaning up the game he was playing (see, you’re trying to instill good habits!).

Sixth: Cringe as you hear him try to grab the truck, but instead accidentally kick it, sending it sliding across the wood floor, directly into the hole which is in the cabinet that your TV sits on (a goal that you KNOW there’s no way he would have made if he’d actually been trying).

Seventh: Make some annoying “Ugh” or “Oh, great” sound.

Eighth: Attempt to retreive green truck with one of the many “rhythm sticks” that your musician sister thought would be great for you kids to “learn” with, but which they actually use, instead, as drumsticks on every surface in your home, including each other. (Thanks, sis.) Be thankful that you have the sticks, because they are now coming in handy.

Ninth: Get down on the floor and try to use a sweeping motion to reach the green truck, while not being able to see anything beyond the openening of the hole due to your big hand and said stick. Make sure to attempt this if, and only if, previously mentioned two year old is breathing right on you as he, too, attempts in vain to see the green truck through the hole.

Tenth: Dodge the array of coasters and fleeing dust bunnies, which are the only things that are making it out of the hole on the first 7 sweeps.

Eleventh: Feel victorious as you successfully retreive the green truck, and as your 2 year old sings his, “Yay, Mommy!!” song while he dances around the room with his fists pumping in the air. Join him in his dance. Feel like you’ve accomplished SOMETHING today.

Twelvth: Lather, rinse, repeat…

This post written to be included in Darren Rowse‘s latest Group Writing Project at Problogger.

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TMX Elmo Hsien and I had a stellar day yesterday at Play Library as we posted all about the reveal day of the new TMX Elmo. Tons of traffic to our blog! Check out Hsien’s post all about it and click here if you want to see all our posts from the day. And good luck if you actually wanted one and *gasp* actually waited a whole day to go get one, because they are going fast. Craziness.

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These are my yard shoes. They are green. Know what that means? I mowed today! Yes, for the second time since we’ve lived in this house (6 and a half years). Now, you may want to know why this is such a big deal. Honestly, it’s not. Not really. But we do have a wicked hill in our yard, both in the front and the back, and so it’s not nothing, you know?

(There’s a Bald Man Edging the front yard—after I’ve done the hard part 😉 )


Anyway, I’d guess the hill is about 6 feet up from the backyard, and ascends at about an 85 degree angle. The front is about 6 feet also, at about a 75 degree angle. You may be wondering, at this point, why in the world we would choose such a yard. We are daft, yes, but that’s not why. You see, when you buy a house in the midst of winter in the Midwest, and it’s the first house you’ve ever bought, you sometimes forget to consider how certain attributes of the house will affect your care of it in the season that you are not currently in. Oh well. Thankfully, I don’t mow it often. 😀

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