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Greg Page announced today that he will be leaving The Wiggles due to his chronic health condition. He has passed on his trademark yellow skivvy to Sam Moran, who has been appearing in Greg’s place during his bouts with his illness.

Sam was in the yellow skivvie when we saw the Wiggles Live earlier this month. He was fantastic. We wish Greg the best, and will cheer Sam on in his role as the yellow Wiggle. He’s got some big shoes to fill, but he’s great.

Check out our day’s worth of posts at Play Library in honor of Greg’s departure!

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November 25th:

Our first touch of holiday decorations.


November 26th:

Ornament crafting residue.


November 27th:

‘Nuff said:


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November 7th:

The Wiggles Live!

Samantha’s photo with Jeff (Fatt) Wiggle!!!

Murray, Jeff, Anthony, and Sam


November 8th:

The scale that doesn’t let me lie about what’s going in, if I remember to use it. 😉


November 9th:

I love baking bread. The KitchenAid mixer helps to make it happen more often!


November 10th:


November 11th:

Still to be developed.

November 12th:

Making meatballs at Titi’s house.


November 13th:

Another cute baby viking. He loves this hat, and grabs it and puts it on whenever he finds it.


November 14th:

My poor little guy in the ER with his high fever.


November 15th:

His sister did that to him, and he loved it.


November 16th:

We’re in China for our history lesson. Making dragon boats and Chinese lanterns for our crafts.


November 17th:

A visit to the National Museum of the US Air Force.


November 18th:

We got a date night! Thanks, friend, for babysitting. 😀


November 19th:

Pumpkin pie, baked from scratch. Will have the whole visual experience from pumpkin to pie around here soon. I’m sure you can’t wait. 😉


November 20th:

When he’s done, he’s done. Luke couldn’t wait for me to get him down for his nap. He grabbed his pacifier, his blanket, a pillow, and lay down by the front door.


November 21st:

The last of the 12 month clothes leaving our home. My baby’s growing up.


November 22nd:

Visiting my friend’s new house and loving her tree!


November 23rd:

Happy Turkey Day, Buttbuns. I made these rolls, and Baldman said they looked like butts.


Any guesses on what this is?


November 24th:

Free carnival rides and all at our city’s downtown holiday celebration.


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Thankful for….


Today I’m thankful for the walk that Bald Man and I got to take while our kids were hanging out with their grandma, aunt, and great-uncle. An hour or so to ourselves. Very thankful for that time together. Apparently, so was he. 😉

btw-the photo is inspired by Hsien‘s morning walk photo

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The Problem

The problem with being good when you’re at the grocery store and NOT buying all the yummy stuff that you know you’ll want when you’re feeling like you need a snack and a little food comfort is that WHEN you’re feeling like you need a snack and a little food comfort—THERE’S NOTHING THERE!

Better for me, anyway, I know. But I have the munchies and am munchiless. Sooooo the end of the world, no doubt.

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So much to share…

…just no time to do it tonight. Suffice it to say, life is good.

I can make my baby smile. Is there anything better than that? I love watching him when his daddy tries to make him smile, too. The baby’s eyes just start to glimmer and come alive with a mischevious little rebellion, as if he’s trying to keep from smiling until he just can’t hold back anymore and the smile breaks free from all his resistance and beams through every bit of him. His eyes smile, his cheeks smile, his lips smile, and every bit of him just radiates. I love it.

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That’s it. I opened my refridgerator to get a much needed caffeine-loaded soda, zzzzz…..

What? Huh? Oh, sorry, dozed there for a second. Anyway, my mom gives the kids these tiny little flashlights, and one of them was in my fridge. Maybe it was there, to, ummm…sorry, not even a clever little pun is coming to mind.

Sleep deprived. Baby still had a fever last night. He was in bed with us from about 1 am til morning. He couldn’t get good and comfy until his big head (it’s a family trait) was firmly planted on Baldman‘s chest, and his little piggies were niggling into my back. Which, as you know, means no good sleep for us.

But at least his fever is down.

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