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So, when did I get so out of the loop that I started finding out from a Brit what was, or was not, going to be showing up on my TV on a given night? Apparently, yesterday.

Bald Man and I have enjoyed Sorkin’s Studio 60, but last night it was replaced by the new series, The Black Donnellys. Another good show down the tubes (btw, that’s like flushed down the toilet here in the states, not the subway 😉 ).

So, we watched The Black Donnellys. Kinda. Okay, so I started watching it with Bald Man, and then started working on the computer in front of the TV. It was a bit hard to follow at the start when I was paying attention to the storyline. Somewhere in there I stopped paying attention, apparently, b/c was a bit confused and I looked at Bald Man and asked, “Did they just put those masks on and pretend to be Italian?”

His look said to me, “No, you dolt. You obviously haven’t been paying attention. Do you really think I’m gonna catch you up on the last 15 minutes when you’re just going to ignore the next 15 minutes and not follow the story, anyway?”

What he said was, “Umm…no.”

Oh well. I think I did that during Studio 60 as well. Maybe I won’t miss it as much as I thought.

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See the resemblance? Did it at least make you smile? 😉

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chief1.jpgTonight Last night marked the final presentation of Chief Illiniwek, the latest symbol to fall victim of the pc wave that is sweeping the nation.

I don’t get the point. Really. I know that there are symbols out there whose sole purpose is to make fun of and ridicule certain groups of people. I really don’t think this is one of them, you know? I grew up near the U of I and had the honor of seeing the performance of the Chief a few times at a few ball games. Our little high school band even hosted the U of I band when I was in Jr. High, and I do believe he came along. (Jack says he did. Kel? Do you remember?) Anyway, I never once viewed the Chief as being a symbol of mockery. I thought of him as a remembrance and sign of honor to the people who lived on the land before us. I thought of him as a reminder of our history, both the good and the bad. I always thought he was cool, and I can’t imagine the U of I without him.

No, I know, it’s not like someone really died. But I do think that removing him from the forefront of the university’s image will allow more people to gloss over the facts of the many Native Americans who DID live in, die on, or were forcibly removed from that land. Do we really need less reminders of who originally inhabited this land, and what became of them?

And the fact that NCAA sanctions seem to be the final motivating factor (I said seem, I have no facts) makes it just that much more crappy. I don’t think it’s really about the dishonor to the Native Americans (though some do feel dishonored by him), it’s more about the dishonor to the pocketbooks of the school. Now they can go on and host their tournaments and bring in the dough, but with a huge loss to their tradition and identity. Great lesson to the students, don’t ya think?

Head over here to see a video of the past Chiefs and of the Chief’s final dance.

ht: Jackie (she still needs a blog for me to link to)

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Winter Photos

I’m trying to get back on my Project 365 photos. I was going to go back and catch up, but will just keep going from here.

Here are today’s photos. The first is our wintry backyard. The second is an icicle hanging on our back gutter. The third is Luke with what I believe are Pop Tart crumbs on his chin. 🙂




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My mom as an m&m….

I told my mom I was going to make her into an m&m, and here she is:


Like her granddaughter, she is a pink princess. It’s been years since I’ve actually seen her in a pair of high heels, but man, she did rock those heels when I was younger!

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whopper.jpgToday marks the third anniversary of my dad’s death. Three years. Crazy.

I always get a bit depressed about a week before this anniversary, and yet, it still takes about 3 days of feeling blue and on edge and crappy before I remember why. It doesn’t help that this anniversary occurs during sweeps month which means lots of people sick and dying, or almost dying, and lots of hospital scenes on TV. Guess I’ll have all that to look forward to until the end of time.

So, I was gonna write a bunch about him today, and now it’s gotten late and I don’t want to get myself all worked up right before I try to sleep. I don’t need more tears this week, though he deserves each and every one I have to shed. He would rather me laugh and smile when I think of him, and maybe eat a cookie. He was a good dad like that. 😉

So, that’s the picture, a few of his favorite candies. Cookies, candies, chili cheese dogs, and Dairy Queen. That’s what he would have lived on if he could. So, today, in honor of him, Bald Man and the kids and I downed a good portion of that carton of Whoppers. They were one of his favorites. At their ages, sharing a few of his favorite treats is a fun way to share a bit of their grandpa with them. Besides, it’s too cold to take them golfing. 🙂

Love you, Daddy.

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One of those days…

….that’s what it feels like, one of those days.

“Which days?” you ask?

One of those days when you just want to fall into a heap in the middle of the floor and hide under a blanket and cry and not get up until the kids are all grown and everybody’s potty-trained and nobody fights over which stupid plastic plate they have and nobody tries to headbutt various parts of your body to get your attention and everybody remembers to pick up all their Lego so that you don’t have to hide your “not so nice” words from the kids as you hop around the room sure for the 50th time that you are actually fatally injured from one of those horrid little pieces of plastic.

One of those days. I’m not the only one who has these, am I?

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Minutes spent begging at the back door to go play in the ” ‘no’ “….30
Minutes spent in the potty/changing diapers so we don’t have to stop sledding prematurely….10
Minutes spent pulling on 3 layers of clothes so everyone stays warm….20
Minutes actually spent out in the cold playing….5

Getting fun photos of my kiddos in our wintery wonderland? Well, you know….





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Funny stuff…

Funny stuff my kids said awhile ago:

Samantha, while watching a National Geographic Dinosaur documentary, “1993. Wow. That was a LONG time ago. Probably before Titi (Grandma) was born, huh?”

Me, “No, not that long ago. I was almost 20 in 1993.”

Samantha, with a look of shock in her eyes, “No. No way.”


Samantha, while getting her dad and me ready for a “date,”, “You really need this pink bow in your hair. That look you have is not good for any kind of date.”


Funny thing Jake said today, after receiving a french fry from the drive-thru, “Dad, I don’t like that french fry.”….30 seconds later….”Dad, that french fry had potato in it.”

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Snag yourself a Baldman…

…just not mine.

You know how it is when you’ve been with a person for a while (15 years at the end of this month for Baldman and me, if you count all the pre-marital dating), and the stress and junk of the daily life gets in the way of the fun and frivolity of a relationship? (Geesh, when is the last time I could have described our relationship as fun and frivolous?)

Well, every once in a while, you get a jolt of the spirit of the person you first started dating and falling in the love with. Not that you don’t love them daily, or that you don’t have fun, but you know what I mean, right? Those moments when you go, “Yes! That’s the person that knocked me swept me off my feet!”

Anyway, today was one of those days. I read the post that Baldman published yesterday. Now, you may read it and think, “Really? THAT was all it took to sweep her off her feet?” And I’ll answer, “Yep. Make me laugh, and you’ve already got one foot in the door. Keep me laughing (for 15 years now), and I’m yours for life.”

You can check out my honey and all his frivolity here as he gives the scientific reasons as to why Bald Men make better lovers.

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