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The maid is so totally fired this week.

How come none of you told me how much dirty laundry a family of five would produce? Do you forget who I am? Did you mistake me for some domestic goddess who would love nothing more than to sort, spot treat, fold and iron all day? (Okay fine, you’re right, I don’t iron.)

I said, “Yeah, we’re thinking about 3 kids.” and you just smiled and encouraged us and went about your days. You knew, didn’t you, that I’d be forever trapped in the dungeon of unwashed undies? That I’d have nightmares about the strata of tights, shorts, pj’s and boxers, just wondering where in those layers the still filthy leotard needed for tonight’s ballet class might lay? You laughed at the thought of me pulling my hair out before a line of 25 socks without a match in the lot!!!!!!

And still, you just smiled and walked away….

Shame on you.

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Sick days…

Ahhhh!!!! I’ve got tons to write about. Christina recently tagged me for a post (it’s coming, I promise!), another very entertaining post about hot dogs (maybe entertaining), and something else, I’m sure. However, after Luke decided to stop bugging me with his fever and all, my face decided to attempt to SPLIT IN HALF. The doc at Urgent Care said it was just a sinus infection, but I swear there’s a fault in my skull that will become a full blown facequake any day now. Probably.

Anyway, all that to say that I will be back. And I think I’m done whining, for now.

Kid things to hold you over:

Our oldest hasn’t been on a plane since she was a baby. After her daddy came home from a recent trip on which he flew, she asked him what he saw from the plane. When he said, just clouds, she said, “Did you open the window and reach out and touch them?” C’mon now, how sweet is that?

As I mentioned, the baby’s vocabulary is growing leaps and bounds. Well, so is his attitude. As everyone keeps warning reminding me, he is storming into his 2s. His favorite thing, as of late (besides hitting and kicking), is to respond to any request made of him by shrugging his shoulders and casually uttering the syllable, “Can’t”.

Which of you taught him that?

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That’s been my baby’s mantra for this entire week. Booogggaaaas…Mommy….boooggaaaasss….Keeennniixxx…

The baby (I’m calling him that til he turns two in May….just deal with it) has had a fever most of this week. And a runny nose. And his vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. And, as it grows, we’re finding out that he’s a pretty particular kid.

One little drop of anything snotish and he’s bellowing out his new mantra….Boooogggggggaaaas. And, yes, I am expected to be there right. this. second. to relieve him of his OCD discomfort.

He also refuses to sleep, or eat, or breathe anywhere but ON ME. For FOUR DAYS. Guess how much I’ve gotten done this week? Nothing. Nothing. Oh, and more nothing.

Except cuddle my baby. Which is cool.

Oh, and yell, “Stop fighting RIGHT NOW!” to the other two. They’re going to hate it when I’m mobile again.

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…it’s time to readjust your life goals. Your plan to invent the beer-launching fridge? Someone beat you to it.

You can check it out here.

Then you can get on about your life inventing something useful, like a bonbon launching machine. You know, for all of us moms sitting around eating bonbons. 😉

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…and, no, not in a pyro kinda way. That was last week.

Seems that I haven’t been able to attempt something new this week without burning the crap out of it or otherwise somehow ruining it at least once.

Exhibit A:

Chicken Parmesan


And let me tell you, the house smelled soooo pretty. I did get it right the second batch, though.


Exhibit B:

Then, I was attempting to make my first doll cake. No, not for my daughter, though you’d think, yeah? No, this was for my mom. Yup, my mom. She wanted a doll cake so her granddaughter could help decorate the pretty dress.

Well, I wasn’t sure how much batter was required for this pan, and so I used….ummm….too much. About 15 minutes after it started baking, Bald Man says, “What’s burning?” Surely not the cake? I’d just put it in.

Yeah, the cake. It was overflowing and burning on the bottom of the oven. Would you believe I’d just cleaned that stinkin’ oven? No? Yeah, me neither. 😀 Okay, so, take the pan out, take some of the batter out of it, put the pan back in, it should be fine.

Cook for 20 minutes, check it, still gooey, 10 more minutes, check it…hmmm……

Okay, so, apparently when Bald Man was helping out with the Great Cake Eruption of 2007, he turned off the oven. Only I didn’t know that. And I didn’t turn it back on. And, yeah, so nothing was cooking.

Did I mention that I started this whole process just a few hours before mom was arriving for her birthday celebration? That’s me, always planning ahead and such.

Another cake mix later, a quick frosting of the doll, and all was well with the world. Well, at least our world, for that day. 🙂


Like her hair? Honestly, I don’t have time to do my own hair, what makes you think I had time to do hers? It’s thrown into the same ponytail/bun thing in which my own hair is usually suspended.

And here she is en fuego.


editor’s note: Okay, so this wasn’t actually this week. It was a few weeks ago. It was an accurate statement when I wrote the title. I’m a bit behind. Welcome to my world.

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A neighbor friend’s parents raise chickens and occasionally we receive a few of their eggs. I think they’re sooooo pretty. Yes, eggs. Yes, I’m odd.

It does make me wonder, though, why there are so very many pretty colors when the ones from the grocery are all so shock white. Differences in breeds? Do they bleach the eggs from the store? Maybe I don’t really want to know…

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I was recently tagged by Angel with the question, “Why do you blog?”

I started by going back to my first post from 10 months ago to remember why I started blogging in the first place. This is an excerpt from that post:

So, my goal is honesty. Honesty about life, motherhood, friendships, weight-loss (I hate it, at least the process. Is that honest enough?), relationships, etc. Why? Because I said so. (Sorry, that just came out.) Because I think it’s what I need. It’s what I yearn for. (Yes, I know I ended that with a preposition. Leave me alone.) It’s what lets me know where I stand.

So, I will do my best to be honest here. Please join me in this. We’re our best with each other, I think, when we’re honest with each other. When we don’t have to pretend we’re perfect. I’m not, and neither are you. (Good start on honesty, aye?) When we don’t have to pretend that life is always grand and that we are always good. But, the flip side as well. We’re not always overwhelmed and tired and stressed, either. We have great days, too, and isn’t it more fun to share those moments with each other than play the “I’m more stressed out than you” game? I think so.

Man, I’m wordy. 😀 But it’s cool to look back and read all that, because I don’t think things have changed all that much since I wrote it. My goal in writing here is still honesty. It’s still authenticity. It’s still about being the real me, faults and all, failures and victories, challenges and hopes. I know that I haven’t always been complete here. There are thoughts, ideas, observations that I’ve stopped short on because I still care too much about what other people think of me. I’m working on that. 😉 But honesty is my goal.

In the months since I’ve started this blog, my relationships (both on-line and off) have only convinced me that this is still what people need. They need to feel like there are friends with whom they can be real, who won’t run from them when they make themselves vulnerable. People want to be known for who they truly are, loved for who they truly are, and not for the facade they feel pressured to present to the world.

And, not that I only have moms reading here, but I do think it’s especially so for moms. There’s a pressure to appear to be the perfect mom, no matter how much we all feel like we’re failing there. Every mom wants friends who will let her know that she is not alone in her fears and failures, that her challenges, insecurities, and frustrations are not unique to her.

And, if anyone can’t find that anywhere else, maybe they can at least find it here.

And, finally, I blog because those are the things I need as well. And many of you, on-line and off, have told me that I’m not alone in this. That you share my struggles and my hopes. That I’m not the only freak out there. There are more of you. 🙂

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Say what?!?

So, Samantha and I were doing our schooling today. I’ve mentioned our homeschooling and reasons and such before. Still not positive if it’s for us long term, but we’re still pluggin’!

Anyway, her Language Arts Lesson today was on writing a note to someone. The example was something like this:

Dear Mom,

Frank and I went to the park. We took the dog.

Love, Johnny

We were then to discuss why Johnny had written the note. I suggested that maybe his mom wasn’t home when they left, and he didn’t want her to be worried when she got home.

My 6 year old’s answer?

“Maybe they were sneaking out.”

I’m in trouble, aren’t I?

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…and Bald Man is so proud. 🙂

Hsien and I recorded our first podcast today for Play Library. I may not make a major announcement to you every time we do so, but being our first I thought I’d let you know. You know, in case you want actually want to hear me annoy you. I’ve got a bit of a cough going, but I managed to keep it under control on the podcast for the most part.

Anyway, it’s just a fun little bit of Hsien and me introducing ourselves, alluding to my house of clutter, and Hsien talking about hiding toys. 🙂

Head on over here and link from there, if you’d like.

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  • I’m no longer blogging at The 80’s Club. Not sure what will come of the site, but it’s still up for now. You know, if you can’t get enough of my ramblings here. I can also still bug you at Play Library. May have yet another new haunt from which to annoy you soon. Will let you know.
  • Updated my blogroll. Took some off because no one was writing on them. Added others. Divided them into mommy bloggers and others for what reason I’m not entirely sure. Not all the mommy bloggers talk strictly about motherhood. That’s all.
  • I know a lot of people with March birthdays. HB to one and all. Non-specific b/c none of you want your personal info out here, and I can respect that. So just pretend that one was specifically for you. Because it was. 😉
  • I’ll be back soon with a real post.
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