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Here are a few of the things that we’re tying to get to this weekend! Let us know if you’re going to any so we can see you there. 🙂 This is your personal invitation to the Southeast Dayton Festival near our home on Saturday!

Don’t forget that you have until Saturday midnight to leave a comment to be entered in the drawing to win either the Esther Price Chocolates or the Amazon gift certificate.

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…but I think it’s my first public poem.

It wasn’t meant to be one. And it doesn’t rhyme. Or follow any poetic rules, I’m sure. It’s just that what I was going to write was going to end up long-winded and rambling. And I didn’t want that. So a poem of sorts just came out. One that’s long-winded and rambling. 😉

You can read it here.

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I knew there was a reason I didn’t mention the birthday party that we were supposed to go to today. I mean, I was planning on taking the kids to the party, but I wasn’t telling them until we were on the way there. We never got to that part because when we went to pick up the baby (hmmm…I said I’d stop calling him that, didn’t I?), I knew right away that he had pink eye.

Ah…pink eye. Yeah, we’ve played this game before.

So, no birthday party for us today. At least they didn’t know.

And now the challenge is to keep everyone else from getting it, because we have a dance recital this weekend, a brunch to celebrate an accomplishment of a good friend, babysitting so another couple can get a date, and one or two other things.

I hate pink eye. However, certainly not the end of the world. It’s treatable, not all that disturbing, and the baby (I’ll work on something else to call him) will be back to stirrin’ up trouble in no time. Not like he’s stopped.

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So, you know how I feel about teeth, then, right? Gross. Especially the wiggly ones. Ewww. I can’t stand the wiggly ones. However, the wiggly ones don’t hold a candle to the crumbly ones.

The crumbly ones ?, you ask.

The crumbly ones, I say.

I have this reoccurring nightmare that all my teeth fall out. Slowly. One by one. Well, they start out one by one, then a sort of waterfall effect occurs and they’re all falling out.

That was the tame version of the nightmare.

The not-so-tame version is that they not only are falling out, but that they are crumbling in my mouth before they totally fall out. There are not even words or expressions possible to use on the computer to express how completely mortifying this dream is to me. I’m trying, there’s nothing.

And when I have that dream, I fully expect to feel nothing but grit and crumbs of teeth in my mouth. Always a relief when I don’t. Always.

Anyway, today, I got a glimpse of it. One of my teeth chipped! It happened to me once before. My first tooth chipped while eating at a pizzeria in Times Square. A cheese calzone. Memorable.

Today? The tooth right next to the first (both on the bottom, front) chipped while eating Subway (no, I don’t like Subway, but I’m counting calories again and they’ve got those light subs and whatnot) at a picnic bench outside of Bald Man‘s office. Not that memorable. Just annoying. And now the tip of my tongue is raw from messing with that tooth all day. Annoying.

So far, the rest of the teeth are fine. Maybe I should drink more milk. Calories, though. So, maybe I should actually start taking those calcium pills I bought when I realized I was at that age that I should probably start doing things like that. Or maybe I should just stop chewing on rocks. One of those things…

I’ll try to come up with something better for next time. 😉

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Kate has a group writing project going on at Babylune, and I have exactly 29 minutes to get a submission in to her (assuming that she wasn’t talking any European times)! The theme is Mistakes and Lessons learned. I haven’t had a big “yes, that’s it!” moment on this one yet, and I’m now down to 26 minutes, so I’m going with:

Advice To A New Mom

These are things that I would have done differently when having my first child. Here goes:

Don’t take a prenatal vitamin on an empty stomach.
Not only will it not substitute for a healthy breakfast, it won’t even stay in your system long enough to do any good, I wouldn’t think. And you’ll spend your morning in the bathroom doing things that you would prefer not to do ever, and enough time will be spent in there that you could have just had a healthy breakfast and the vitamin, and all would have stayed with you. Unless you have morning sickness. Then you’re just outta luck no matter what.

Walk around in a porcupine costume for your entire pregnancy.
Someone will always want to touch your belly, no matter how far along you are. Sometimes it will be people you know and love and maybe it won’t bother you. Sometimes it might be someone you work with who had only spoken to you twice in the entire two years you’d previously worked together and it will bother you. And they’ll come at you with no warning and not enough time to stop them and shield your own body and then you’ll just want to hurt them. Hypothetically. I think porcupine costumes would be good for that purely hypothetical situation. And, my goodness, how darn cute would pregnant ladies look in those, anyway? Buncha pregnant porcupines walking around. Could there be a more adorable world to live in?

Don’t put your angry naked two year old in a crib while you go to grab a diaper.
Apparently, for a two year old, a urinary soaking is the best revenge. Especially if you’ve just bathed them. And if you’ve just put new sheets on the crib mattress. (Oh hush, there are, too, sometimes clean sheets on the crib. Our laundry is not always backed up this much. Okay, I’m lying, it is.) And that goes for either gender, btw.

Alright, the clock is telling me that my assignment is due, and almost late. Hope that helps somebody. If not, I at least got to laugh at the thought of all the pregnant porcupines. Have I mentioned I’m a little slap happy? Need sleep. 😛

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Things said on Sunday…


I’ve seen that butt before.

That’s what Bald Man said when we were driving home from Sunday school on, coincidentally, Sunday. We were passing an intersection that we always pass, and there was a lady bending over weeding in her garden. Apparently, she does that often at that time of day, because Bald Man said, “Tushy! I’ve seen that butt before.”

photo credit: Pink Moose

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…and I’m guessing you might wonder, am I still So. Totally. Psyched?


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