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And then there were 3…

At one point, Bald Man and I were writing on 6-7 blogs between the two of us. Two were our personal blogs, and then 5 others for b5media. Yeah, it was as crazy as it sounds, cuz, you know we have those kids and jobs and other responsibilities and that.

I’ve just given up Play Library, the first paying blogging gig of mine, that I started out writing on when Hsien snatched me up to join her. And so it’s a little sad leaving it (yes, I know I’m an over-emotional pansy. deal with it). I think one of the fun things about PL was that I had just started blogging when Hsien asked me to join her, and this here little personal blog was the first time as an adult that anyone was reading something that I wrote. And as for knowing any of the ins and outs of blogging? I knew almost nothing. So, it was fun for someone to see something in me, the ability to do this blogging thing well, that I didn’t even see in myself. And to still be able to call Hsien a friend after we’ve both now left PL? Even better. 🙂

So, now we’re down to our 2 personal blogs and Marriage Actually, which is a b5 blog. And I think, with the pressure off for all of that writing, we’ll rediscover the fun that brought us to blogging in the first place.

Thanks for sticking around here. 🙂

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New game…

Okay, so, I figured I should at least put some of those 5,000 photos sitting in iPhoto to use, since it doesn’t appear that I’ll get around to printing them anytime soon (yeah, yeah, I hear you, you know who you are. 😛 Maybe soonish.)

Anyway, the new feature is……….drum roll please……………

What is it?

Okay, probably not so exciting that it required a drumroll. We’ll start with an easy one.


Do you know what it is? Put your guesses in the comments.

Prizes would be good. But I don’t have any. 😀 Knowing that you played along and brought a little joy to my day should be reward enough, yeah? 😉

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I’m done being puked on…

I probably should have hung around more drinkers in college. Maybe then I would’ve desensitized myself a bit to the whole, “There’s someone else’s vomit on me” thing.

It’s that season again, and a good stomach virus has invaded the boys. (And no, I don’t blame you. Seriously. Unless it’ll make you feel really guilty and you’ll buy me something pretty that’s not pink or frilly. Then, hey, IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!! 😛 )

But I just don’t handle puke well. Any other bodily fluid spewing from any other orifice, and I’m pretty good with it. Comes in handy being a mother and all. But I’ve never been good with puke. If I see it, hear it, or smell it, then I’ll probably be doing it.

So, you can imagine what a lovely evening this turned out to be when my youngest came up to me earlier, and started to give me a hug. Next thing you know there’s a wetness on my feet and a splatter on the floor. And now I have to stop describing it before I make us all sick.

Anyway, Bald Man is standing there, too, and he’s just like, “GOGOGOGOGO….I’VE GOT IT…..JUST GET OUTTA HERE!!!” See, he was around during my morning sickness days and has probably decided that he’s all done cleaning up after my puking, and he knew (probably from the way I started gagging) that I was really close to joining the party. And so I need to just get away. I can’t, however, run up to the bathroom to clean up because that would require running through the whole house trailing the puke along to get up there.

Sooooo, I go out the back door to the yard where I grab the hose and start spraying off with some very chilly water, only to notice a visitor to the new neighbor’s house sitting on their back porch watching me, probably wondering what the heck kinda crazy new neighbors they have.

Okay, so I’ve now been successfully hosed off, but can’t come back into the kitchen because I’m not sure of the current puke situation, so around the house I go. I get to the front door. Shocker of all shockers, it’s locked. But I can see Jake (age-almost 4) sitting in the rocking chair (his “get away from the puke” quarantine spot) through the sheers on the door. So I start knocking, and I hear him yell, “Daddy, someone’s at the door!” So, I start yelling, “Jakey, it’s Mommy! Come open the door!” I see him starting to come, but Bald Man, not realizing that I had come around the house, is telling Jake to, “Sit back down! Don’t go to the door!” And then me, “No! It’s me! It’s okay!!”

Anyway, don’t you wish WE were your classy new neighbors?

In the end, I was able to run up and get finished getting cleaned up. Then I left for some retail therapy. Although, in actuality, it was just grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s.

And that was MY exciting Saturday night out on the town, and in the yard, and on the front porch. And I hope everyone is done puking on me.

How’s your weekend going? 😉

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This cracked me up…

So, it’s the time for the season premieres, and there are two commercials that you can’t have avoided if you’ve watched any TV lately. The first is for the iPod Nano and features the song 1-2-3-4 by Feist. Jonic had introduced me to the song/video a few months back….

(NO LIE! As I’m writing this, one of the two commercials just came on!)

So, anyway, I like the Feist song, but I’ve told Bald Man several times that Mac is really gonna make me sick of it before too long. So, that’s the first commercial.

So then, the other is the Old Navy Sweater commercial. I really like the song, so much that I’ve found myself singing that bit of it around the house. I decided to find out if it was it’s own piece, or if it was written for the commercial. So, I Googled “Old Navy Sweater Song”, and the first listing was for a blog post that, right off the bat, mentions the Feist song/commercial as well. That amused me.

Anyway, it gave me the song. And I DO like it! Well, all but the bit about the Rogaine. I like my Bald Man the way he is. 😛

Here it is, Ingrid Michaelson with “The Way I Am”:

via: sddialedin

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Raul Midon

Okay, so, I’d never heard of Raul Midon before Jay Leno announced him on The Tonight Show this evening. But, man, from the moment he started playing, I couldn’t do anything but keep my eyes glued to the TV. Well, nothing except to turn it up a bit forcing Bald Man to wander in from the other room and join me in the experience.


I was first drawn to watching him because he seemed to be playing the guitar primarily by tapping on the strings (I’m sure there’s a technical term for that) rather than strumming or picking. But once you start watching, it’s hard to stop. And then when he plays the “trumpet”? Way cool.

This is from a performance of his on The Late Show with David Letterman. Enjoy.

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…when you’re still up watching odd game shows in the wee hours.

Janet Reno is over 6 feet tall? And who guesses her over Muhammed Ali, because he was still on the board? I definitely would have guessed him first. As it happens, they both are. Not Mel Gibson, though.

I’m not, though still on the tall side for a girl at 5’8″. And I love it. I used to be able to claim 5’9″. The kids shrunk me.

How ’bout you?

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Guilty pleasures…

Milli Vanilli

Wheel of Fortune




Romance by Ralph Lauren

Crab Rangoon

I’m sure I can add more to this list soon…

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