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I hate it when that happens.

It really bugs me when the actors/actresses in my favorite shows get plastic surgery. Not for any of the reasons it should bother me, but because for the longest time after they have it done, I can’t do anything but sit there and analyze their faces every time they’re on the screen. At first, it’s as if they look ill or just wrong or something. Then it’s analyzing every curve around their lips or nose or eyes, or all of the above. And it’s irritating as all get out. Stop messing with your faces!!! Really. For me. And ‘cuz you just look weird then.

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What is it? #8

Let’s see if this one keeps you guys guessing a bit longer…


And we’re off…..

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Woo hoo!!! Annie finally gets a point!!!!!!



is from this:


This was taken on a visit to the 2nd Street Market, our local street market in Dayton. Jon Graham is a local artist who can often be found creating his pottery right at the market itself. On this particular day, we were not only able to watch a piece being created, but Mr. Graham also entertained the many, many, many questions posited to him by Jake, and did so with much patience and a bit of amusement. I was so thankful for someone else to be answering Jake’s questions for a few moments! 😛

Some friends and I are supposed to be signing up to try our hand at pottery soon. You guys haven’t forgotten, have you? 😉

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What a difference a year makes. I remember writing this post and just feeling at my absolute end with Jake. I honestly didn’t know what to do, and then the threes came!!! (I have told you that the threes are worse than the twos, yeah?)

Jake turned 4 today, and I’m amazed at how much has changed in the past year. He’s still full of energy and…um….loudness. But he’s also developed the most loving spirit. The day started with everyone telling him Happy Birthday, and he immediately decided that he was, “sharing my birthday with everyone in my family and in the whole world. And everyone gets to be 4.” When I told him that an elderly neighbor had called to wish him Happy Birthday, he said, “Aww. That was sweet.”

He really is a true joy in my life. Yes, he still aggravates his sister. Yes, he still teases his brother. Yes, he is still a bit dramatic over every little bump and ouchie. But he is also so fun. He loves to tell jokes. He has a mischievous bent to his personality (gotta watch that!). He loves to make people laugh. He’s a great helper (really! He loves cleaning up with the Dust Buster!). He has an abundance of hugs and kisses to share. And he is constantly telling the people in his life that he loves us. I do love being his mom.

Happy Birthday, Jake.


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What is it? #7


Any guesses?

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And that’s one point for the Bald Man in the front!



Was from this:


This was last year’s pumpkin when my still 2 year old (who will be 4 this week!) was helping me clean a pumpkin for the first time. We cut out the lid, started to pull off the top, and he exclaimed, “Mom!!! There’s cheeeeesssee in there!!!!”

Stay tuned for the next photo challenge.

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Fair Warning….

Apparently, I’m soon in need of a WordPress update, so things will look a bit kerflunky here for a bit. Still functional, though.

Seeing as how I was hoping to get something a little more me than what has been up here, anyway, maybe it’ll be a good motivator to getting that done.

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What is it? #6

I think we’re on #6. I’m sure someone will tell me if I’m wrong.

Here goes:



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What is it? Hostess Snowball

Yup, it is. This:


is a close-up crop of this:


Woohoo!!! Go Lisa, go Lisa, it’s your birthday, it’s your birthday! /me does the Cabbage Patch for Lisa.

…returning back from the 90’s……

Well done! Three points for Lisa, seeing as how that ended up being much harder for everyone than I thought it would be. 🙂

And one point for Sheila for guessing something food-ish, and for inspiring a Better Off Dead quote from Bald Man, and one point for Jack for recognizing the quote (even though it wasn’t yarn!!!! 😛 ).

Another photo coming soon to a My Name is Mommy blog near you…..

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What is it? #5

Okay, time to get tough again. Let’s see how long it takes everyone to get this one!


Guess away!!!!!!

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