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What is it? #10

Okay, here we go again. 🙂 I’ll be interested to see how quickly this one is guessed.


Good luck! 🙂

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Woo-hoo!!!! Anne Marie gets back in the swing with a correct answer on this one.



is from this:


Yup. A hand mixer (or beater) mixing up some cake batter. Mmmm….cake batter. Took me a long time to figure out where you guys were getting spaghetti and that!!!

Anyway, a new one will be up soon. There’s only a week or so left in this little contest, so keep an eye out for the photos!!!

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More weird stuff about me…

Gill (hi Gill!) tagged me in a “7 weird things about me”. Being that I am me, I certainly can think of another 7 weird things. Here goes….

1. I love pumpkins. I don’t know why. I love their color, their shape, and their announcement that fall has arrived. Love ’em love ’em love ’em. See that one there? We made that. 😀 I know, I’ve also made three children, and you would think that might be a bit more impressive, but successfully growing a pumpkin holds its own special place in my heart. This was the only one of the three that the squirrels didn’t destroy before it reached the orange stage. Grrr…squirrels.


2. I think I just realized that I love pumpkins because they look so much like basketballs, and I love basketball. Hmmm. Weird.

3. I hate and get creeped out by earrings about as much as I do by buttons. They don’t bother me when other people are wearing them, but I just don’t want them lying around all willy-nilly. Hoops aren’t bad, but if I never again have to touch one of the others, that’s good by me.

4. I think I will one day get a tattoo. Yes, I know. Smoking and getting tattoos, two things you should never do for the first time after the age of 25. I think I heard that bit of wisdom on an episode of ER. 😉 Anyway, Gill reminded me of this in her recent post. Here were my results:

You Should Get An Asian Inspired Tattoo

Mysterious and expressive
You like to show off, but you also like to keep some allure

Yeah, I don’t consider myself all that mysterious, and that’s not the design I have in mind, but they do look kinda cool.

5. If I’m invited over by a friend on a day that I haven’t showered, I feel the need to warn them. You know, in case they are inviting me over for the purely joyous aromatic experience of a recently cleansed me. Wouldn’t want to disappoint my fans.

6. I prefer to eat Kit Kat Bars by biting off the outside layer of chocolate (on the sides, not top and bottom), and then eating the separated wafer layers. When I was a kid, I would eat the toppings off of a pizza first, then the cheese, then the sauce and crust. I’ve gotten over that.

7. I can’t stand walking around in socks. I have to either be barefoot or in socks and shoes. No in between. Although I would wear socks to sleep if it didn’t creep Bald Man out.

There you go. More weird stuff about me. Run….run away……as fast as you can!!!!!!!!

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What is it? #9

I think this one’s easy, but we’ll give it a go. 🙂


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I’m an Illini fan. Everyone who knows me knows this (I think). And let me say, for many years, it’s not been an extremely rewarding experience to be one, at least not during football season. Especially in the land of the Buckeyes.

Yet, still, I wear my Illini gear every game day, and every day after the game. Often to a chorus of, “Well, at least basketball season is almost here.” Or, “yeah, your team sucks.” But I don’t care! I am faithful to my team and proud to be.

And today, TODAY, it feels SOOOOO good to be an Illini fan, especially in the land of the Bucks.

And, as always, I proudly wear the Illini gear.


Go team. 😉

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What is it? A tractor

Yes, it is, too. Stop calling me a liar or a cheater or whining that it was too hard. It’s my game remember?!? 😉

Anyway, yes, it is a tractor!!!



and this (cuz remember that I gave you a second chance, so you cant stop calling me mean!):


came from this:


Yes, it did, too.

And that’s three points to Lisa!!!! Woohoo!!!! Though she should have been really embarrassed if she didn’t get it, being that she is a Midwest Farmer’s Daughter and all. 😉

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What is it? #8, again…

Because I’m such a softy, and no one has guessed the photo (though one person came kinda close), here’s another shot at it. This encompasses what was shown in the first try, plus a bit more. Let’s see if this helps.


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This is one of my very favoritest Sesame Street clips EVER. R.E.M. hanging and singing Furry Happy Monsters with the Muppet gang. Does life get better than this? I have to stop and watch it every time it comes on TV. And dance with it, too. 😛 Enjoy.

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