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Frosticide in Walnut Hills


12/15/07 3:21:54 pm. Frosty is cheerfully minding his own business.


12/15/07 3:21:59 pm. First suspect arrives on the scene. Appears to be a blond, blue-eyed male, approximately 3 feet tall, weighing between 28 and 32 pounds. No known tattoos.


12/15/07 3:22 pm. Second suspect arrives. Appears to be a dark-haired, dark-eyed male, approximately 4 feet tall, weighing between 41 and 45 pounds. Several scars on the face.


12/15/07 3:23:14 pm. Frosty has been decapitated. Second suspect is seen viewing the crime scene. First suspect not around.


12/15/07 3:23:46 pm. First suspect is recorded returning to the scene of the crime and poking about. Will be charged with gross abuse of a corpse.


12/15/07 3:23:52 Both suspects seen attempting to destroy evidence.

If you know the whereabouts of these two dangerous hoodlums, do not approach them. Let us know and we will coax them into custody with cookies and hot chocolate.

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What is it? #11

And now, to the final “What is it?” of the year, I think. This will be a five part puzzle. Each part is worth 2 points. The first person to comment with a correct answer on each part wins the points for that part.

I’ve typed “part” so many times that I’m afraid I’m going to type “fart” instead.

Moving on….

Here are the five different photos from which to guess:

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:

Part 4:


Part 5:


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What is it? Tobacco

YES! It was tobacco. 😛 A few of you didn’t think it could possibly be, as my reputation doesn’t seem to lend to hanging around tobacco barns. Well, I’m not gonna tell you why I was there! A girl has to maintain a bit of mystery, ya know… 😉



is from this:


Way to go, Joy!!!!! 2 points.

There’s one last photo to come to wrap up this session of What is it? Keep a watch out for it!

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