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A conversation today between Jake, his best buddy from down the street (both age 4), and me (not 4):

Jake: “It’s true, in real life, for real!!!”
His little friend, A, to me: “Why does he always say that?”
Me to her (A): “I don’t know. You should ask him.”
A to Jake: “Why do you always say that?”
Jake to A: “I don’t always. Only when I’m not lying.”

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I want this!

This is going on my wish list. I love pens. Have I mentioned that? I do. And office products in general, but mostly pens.

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A mom, and a psychologist

Those were my answers to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” from about the age of 12 until I graduated from college and knew that I wasn’t about to go back for a Master’s (much to my mother’s continued dismay). From then on the mom thing was it, and here I am. 😉 I wish I’d realized that a professional photographer could have been an option. Maybe that’s my answer now. For when I grow up.

This little quiz was interesting, if not all that accurate. I came across it over at Anne Marie’s. As she said, it takes about a second to complete. You all have time for that! 😛

You Should Be an Artist

You are incredibly creative, spontaneous, and unique.
No one can guess what you’re going to do next, but it’s usually something amazing.
You can’t deal with routine, rules, or structure. You’re easily bored.
As long as you are able to innovate and break the rules, you are extremely successful.

You do best when you:

– Can work by yourself
– Can express your personality in your work

You would also be a good journalist or actor.

Though it’s true that I can’t deal well with routine and structure, I don’t think it’s all that amazing or surprising anything that I do. That sounds sad. 😛

Head on over here, take your test, and lemme know. 🙂

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What is it? Season 2: #2

Here’s the second photo of the season. Now, while the objects in the photo might be easy to identify, the point of this edition is to tell me what is happening in the photo. Yeah, yeah, I’m tweaking the rules a bit. If the reality shows can do it from season to season, so can I. 😉



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Yep, this:


is from this:


Yay, Auntie Jackie!!! 2 points for you.

Next one coming soon. And, again, thanks for playing, all!!! 🙂

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Do not envy?

A friend posted this video earlier today. He doesn’t read music. He has no training, but plays the guitar. He just took a stab at the piano last summer, if I’m remembering it correctly.

A big house? More money? A nicer car? A cooler place to live? Those don’t tempt me. I don’t envy those things in my friends or others.

If I envy anything, it’s natural gifts and abilities like this.

Well done, Jonic. Now when you gonna work up some Damien Rice for me? 😉

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Are are you serious?

So, Bald Man and I are leaving Sam’s Club today and we’re almost to the car when we overhear the following conversation behind us between a father and son. Keep in mind that Bald Man is wearing his Columbus Crew hat and coat.

Kid: “You probably don’t like soccer because you didn’t really grow up with it, did you?”

Dad (in his Chicago Bears hat, mind you): “It’s not because I didn’t grow up with it, I just don’t see the point of a bunch of guys running around a football field chasing after a little ball!”

Annnnnndddd sooooooooo…….what is football, again????

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