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As you many know, Ohio has become very important for both Senators Clinton and Obama. Both candidates are, at this moment, in Cleveland. It’s preempted my usual Biggest Loser weekly viewing, but that’s okay. I do wish that I was in Cleveland right now.

Not for Obama or Clinton, but Brian Williams is there! You know, NBC’s Brian Williams? Anchor of the Nightly News, and SNL superstar?

Did you see him when he was on Saturday Night Live? Hilarious. I can’t find the Brooklyn bit, but he is fantastic, and I imagine that he would be such an engaging and enchanting person to sit and chat with for a bit.

And Tim Russert. He seems pretty interesting and enjoyable as well. I’d rather sit and listen to the two of them for an hour.

Instead, I’ll try and pay attention to the Senators. Maybe I’ll learn something, though I’m not counting on it.

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For weeks I’ve been thinking about how it’s been almost 4 years since my dad died. Weeks. And then it happened, and I almost missed it. It wasn’t until about midnight that I realized what day it was. And I can’t tell you how sad that made me. As if I could so easily forget.

But then I realized that, unconsciously, I’ve been remembering for days. I even noticed yesterday that I’ve been thinking about him a ton lately. He’s been in my dreams, I’ve thought about him as I’ve watched my kids, and I’ve just wished that I could share my life with him. I went bowling the other night with friends, and tried to remember all of his coaching with every swing in every frame. (Too bad I didn’t remember so well, it was a couple of bad games for me!)

I don’t ever want to forget the day, it means too much. But I’m realizing more and more that it’s getting more enjoyable to remember him. I can do it without breaking down and aching. I can think of something about his grandkids that he would have enjoyed and smile about it instead of weep. That’s something, I think.

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Head over here to check out my b5 theme day inspired Valentine to Bald Man.

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What is it? Season 2: #3

Here’s the next. 🙂


Go to it! 😛

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Yes! Annie got that one. 🙂



is from this:


A photo of Luke and me “skating” at our rink downtown. The Fishers joined us (actually, skating was Tom’s idea) while they were in town. Very fun memories. 🙂

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You know, that great American holiday where the famed groundhog peeks out from his winter retreat, and if he sees his shadow, he turns another year older and starts a psychedelic rendition of, “I Got You, Babe…”

Or maybe that’s just how we celebrate at our house….

Actually, it’s the day that our oldest gains a year, which is both very exciting and kinda sad all at the same time. But she is a fantastic kid and it’s so fun being her mom….you know….when it’s not maddening. 😛

She is an odd child, I must say. Don’t get me wrong, she’s funny, smart, and all that good stuff. But she asks for the weirdest stuff. For Christmas, a calculator and some hand fans were on her list. You know, a fan like a proper Southern Belle would keep around to stay cool on those hot summah days. And for her birthday? A detective kit and handkerchiefs. Handkerchiefs. Like the ones men over the age of 80 keep in their back pockets should a lady shed a tear and need to dab her eyes. Or should the man himself need to blow a booger into. One of those. Except she wanted it with flowers or something on it. Weird. Oh yeah….and shrimp.

Our gift to her (besides the handkerchiefs, of course)? One of those lights that you can clip to your book to read at night. And why did we get that for her? One too many times of hearing her say, “They don’t have enough street lights on the road for people who want to read in the car at night.” 😛

Happy Birthday to my little princess in her detective kit disguise glasses. 😀


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