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I always thought it was interesting that Christians quite often celebrate Easter with a dinner focused on a ham…..which I believe was not a food that the Jews were permitted to eat.

Anyway, Happy Easter. As I mentioned before, Bald Man and I fasted from meat for the period of Lent this year. And while that means I could technically have meat 32 minutes ago, I wanted to reflect a bit before I broke my fast.

Bald Man and I were listening to a speaker on the radio today, a minister whose church was choosing to fast in a different way this year. She said something to the effect that so often Lenten sacrifices tended to focus on the person sacrificing, and not on the Lord. She wanted to change that this year, so she and some of her congregation were choosing to fast from their carbon consumption this year. Obviously not completely, but some were choosing to line-dry clothes instead of using the dryer, some were carpooling, and things like that. They were choosing to give up conveniences in order to cause less harm to the environment and God’s creation. I thought that was pretty cool.

Anyway, while I obviously made a dietary fast, I think that it really has opened my eyes in ways that I, too, can have an affect on the environment, locally and globally, and serve those living here with me.

The first lesson learned was that we don’t need so much meat in our diet!!!! And, don’t get me wrong, I love it, but I certainly don’t need as much as I consume. Paying less for meat and exchanging some of that cost for beans (sooooo much cheaper!) can free up some cash to donate more to our favorite charities, especially much wanted beans and grains for those who have nothing.

Another reminder. Even if I never had meat again, I live where there is so much abundance of food that I would survive and probably still be overweight. Cheese and chocolate are not made of meat (and I was thankful for that!!!). Still, moderation is good, whether meat or beans or cheese or bread. Maybe next year I need to fast from cheese instead. 😛

We’ve really wanted to support local farmers and providers who we know are treating their animals properly (right before they kill it and we plop it on our plates), and are not stuffing them full of hormones and antibiotics. That meat is more expensive. But cutting out the amount of meat we eat, we would better be able to afford the meat that is locally grown and is good for us. That seems a good trade.

So, while I have no desire to go vegetarian, I’m hoping to plan more meals for my family that contain whole grains and beans, lots more veggies and fruits, and stick more to the animal flesh that can’t be classified as “mystery meat.” I’ll let you know how that goes.

Happy Easter. 🙂

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What is it? Season 2: #5

The kids and I are off for a bit with friends. We’ll be doing way fun things like hiking in the woods. 😛

In the meantime, Rantz has offered up a photo of his own to stump us all. I even get to participate!!!!

Here it is:


My guess is some type of upholstery fabric.

Have fun. See you when we get back. 🙂

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Woohoo!!! Yay, Jackie. 🙂



Is from this:


I don’t know why, but the paint mixed just so looks amazingly beautiful to me. I could just stare at it for hours.

2 pts to Jack. Well done. 🙂

New one to come soon.

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Late, I know, but nevertheless….

These were the Valentine’s Day waffles. You may not be able to tell, but the batter was pink (food coloring). I received this heart waffle maker from my Dad one of his last Christmases with us. He and mom both new that I wanted a waffle maker. He actually went out on his own and picked this one for me. Of course, mom got me the one I really wanted. But, I knew that I should keep the one that he got especially for me, and mom told me to as well.

Now I love it. Everytime I use it, it’s like a hug from my dad. And I get to tell the kids that we get these fun heart waffles because of Papa. And they think that’s pretty cool.


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And the question is……..What is it?

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…and yet none of you told me that the 40 days in Lent don’t count the Sundays????? Hello??? Man, that was a rude awakening!

As you may have read, Bald Man and I gave up meat for Lent. All meat, as in all animal flesh. And no, not just on Fridays. And no, we’re not Catholic (not that there’s anything wrong with that). And no, we don’t usually give up anything for Lent.

I think I was tired one night and said, “We should give up meat for Lent.” And Bald Man said, “Okay.” And we did. That’s why I shouldn’t talk when I’m tired.

But there were a few logical reasons that I wouldn’t have probably gone into except that Bald Man mentioned it. So, if you’re curious as to why, here’s goes:

1-Gain an appreciation for our wealthy diet. We live in a country where food, and meat specifically, is so abundant. If I stop to complain about the fact that I don’t have meat in a meal (and I have been!), it reminds me of people who have no meal at all. Of moms feeding their babies termites and bamboo, or have nothing at all to feel their babies and have to hold them and watch them as they cry and die of hunger. I’m spoiled. I know it. I need to remind myself of it, stop whining, and be reminded why we do what we do with some of our extra.

2-Vary our diets. There are so many foods that we don’t even try because we get content with our 5 normal meals. We’ve tried edamame (YUM!), and tofu (not bad marinated in lemon juice and cilantro and tossed in the middle of rice and beans and sour cream and corn salsa). Also remembered how much I like cottage cheese!

3-Be thankful for what we have no matter what it is. Kinda like #1, but a little more simple and straightforward.

4-I’m a masochist. Not really, but I miss meat!!!!! Chicken mostly, since I pretty much eat it daily. And I’ve had to cook it a few times since we started, and it was so hard not to take a nibble!

No, we haven’t made the kids do it, though I think they could live on yogurt, pb&j’s, pancakes, and mac and cheese and never be the wiser.

I have stopped having the dreams where I’m about to eat a ham sandwich or a buffalo wing only to realize that I couldn’t have it. That happened the first week or so. But now I found out that Lent is 46ish days?!?! Those dreams might come back. 🙂

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Yes, the slacker is back.

And, yes, the answer was tortillas. And please don’t ever pronounce them “tor-til-las” in my presence or I might just have to hurt you. Sorry, I have to stand firm on that one.

Way to go, Rantz, you racist you!!!! Woowoo.

Really thought Jack would’ve gotten that one since I was on the phone with her when I was making them. 😛

So this:


Was from this:


Better luck next time to the rest of yunz! 😉

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