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My friend and I took our kids out strawberry picking this morning. I’ve heard of people doing it for years around here, but never had my act together early enough to get to the fields on time. (For most farms around here, this is one of the last few days to pick, or else they’re already done with it.)

Truth be told, I didn’t have my act together this year either. My friend did. She planned the date. I did the research. We made it in time. We’re a good team. Apart from each other, just bumps on a log. 😛 Not really. At least not for her. For me? True.

Anyway, the kids had fun. Luke’s favorite part was running up and down the rows in the fields and every 15 minutes or so yelling out, “I found one!”

Yeah. Extremely helpful. But he had lots of fun. And I still owe him for the whole birthday incident. 😉

Here are some photos from the day. You enjoy while I go look up a recipe for strawberry jam….

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Just updating and rearranging around here.  Domain stuff and things that Bald Man thought would be good.  Whatever.  Right now, it just means a pretty design here until I learn design or con someone else into doing it for me. 😛  Anyone, anyone……

Life is good.  School is officially done for the year.  I’m finding that, as a homeschooling mom, I look forward to summer vacation as much as the kids!!!

What else?  Surely there’s something new and fun going on.  Who knows.  I’ll try to get less sleep deprived and come back with something entertaining. 🙂

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