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If someone tells you that they’re a grown-up, and you ask them how old they are, and they hold up one hand’s worth of fingers and say, “This many.”, they’re probably lying.

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Seriously.  This blogger sucks!  She never writes anything!!

Oh wait.  That’s me.  Heh.

Okay, so I’m enjoying a bit of my Summer Break.  Yeah, as a homeschooling mom, I was excited as my daughter to count down to the end of the school year.  I know, some homeschooling families continue throughout the entire year, learning and teaching and making themselves better members of society.  That’s fantastic for them.  Me?  I need a break to look forward to.  (For which to look forward, I know.).  And summer break came just in time!!!  Not that we can’t continue to learn over the summer.  But we?  We don’t have to.  We can be ignorant and let our brains turn completely to mush over the next few months.  It’s our right.  We have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of boogers for brains.  I read it somewhere.

Actually, summer break for me has been an opportunity to read like mad for myself.  No one else.  To learn nothing in particular.  Just to read to my heart’s desire.  And I am.  And I love it.

And the kids?  Booger brains.  Fed by stuff like Chowder and Sponge Bob.  And they love it, too.

I’ll be back to writing something worth reading soon.  Until then, send me your favorite authors.  Nothing sci-fi or fantasy, though.  And that’s a strict rule.  Otherwise you will experience pain.  Lots and lots of pain.  (Name it, anyone?)

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