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HB to me…

It was my birthday today.  Bald Man took the day off.  I woke at 11 and had breakfast and went back to bed until 2:30.  Then we took the kids out for a bit.  Then I went to a nice dinner at The Meadowlark without the kids.  Yum.

Have I mentioned my love for Facebook?  They tell (or remind) a bunch of people that it’s your birthday.  And then they say Happy Birthday.  And you feel special.  If you just don’t remind yourself that they would have forgotten otherwise. 😉

The only thing that would have made the day better is if I could’ve made my hair more grey before seeing my mother.  That would have made her batty.  And that’s always fun for me. 😛

I’ll be back soon. 🙂

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Counting sheep, I mean.  You know, to try to enter into the land of dreams, or even just sleep.  Nope, sheep don’t do the trick.  Neither does counting hoop earrings.  Or acrobats flipping.  Or sheep wearing hoop earrings flipping like acrobats.  And I counted to one thousand.

Neither does having a glass of milk before bed.  Or cutting out caffeine.  Or working out (though that’s helped a little).  Or that whole relax your body thing (I don’t have the focus for that even if it did).  Or listening to podcasts (that’ll at least keep me entertained for the two hours before sleep comes).  Or standing on your head counting backwards from 553.  I haven’t actually tried that, but I’m guessing it won’t, either.

Counting backwards from 10 did a couple of times, but there was also the anesthesia bit that probably helped.  Hmmm….there’s an idea. 😉

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