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Music: Brett Dennen.

Esp. Desert Sunrise, Ain’t No Reason, She’s Mine, Darlin’ Do Not Fear, So Long Sweet Misery

Except when I was jogging this morning.  Then it was The Distance.  Fantastic for jogging.

Doing: Schooling the kiddos.  Being glad that I got up this morning to walk/jog.  Trying to figure out the schedules for the weekend.

Wishing: The weekend could last longer at the cabin.  Also, that I can take a vacation like that with my family soon.  That I could survive and function well on 4 hours sleep.  Or 7.  Or 8.

Playing: Word Twist on Facebook.

Preparing for: Jake to head off to his soccer game with Coach Daddy and Luke, and simultaneously getting Samantha to dance where I shall sit and read for 90 minutes, or chat with another mom for 90 minutes.

Planning on: Getting to sleep early again tonight so I can get up early and walk again tomorrow morning.

Thankful that: I’m sleeping much better.  I have a friend whose family will share their cabin with us, and their boat, and their time.  Healthy kids.  Bald Man.  The fact that my kids are all almost through the threes, and I never have to go back to them again. 🙂

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No, not that kind of gas station.  Though, with boys, it’s easy to see how you’d be mistaken.

It actually started when I was shaving my legs, a rare but still not non-existent occurrence (until winter, that is).  Luke, the 3 year old, peeked in with a very baffled look on his face.

“Mommy, what are you doing?”

“Shaving my legs.”


“Because I don’t like hair on my legs (at least not when they might be seen).”


“Because I don’t.”

He stood there for a minute, trying to puzzle out some connection from this strange new ritual to something he already knew.




Now I was the one with the wrinkled brow trying to figure out what the heck this kid did at a gas station when I wasn’t around.

“OH!!!  You mean like when Daddy washes the van windows?”

“Yeah!!!!  Just like the gas station!!! Do the gas station, again!!”

So, I shave the other leg.  He thinks that’s the best thing ever, watching the razor make the shaving cream go away just like the squeegee and the soapy water.

“Do it again!!”

“I don’t have any more legs.”

“Do the gas station again!!!”

“Well, I have to shave my armpits.”

“Yeah!!!!  The gas station on your armpits!!! Do the gas station on your armpits!!!!”

Life is never boring here.

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It’s because I laughed…

So, day before yesterday, the local newscaster was all, “And Ike will be headed our way tomorrow.”  And I laughed.  Because she said it as if we were going to have a hurricane.  And we live in Ohio.  And, in case you weren’t quite sure, we don’t get hurricanes in Ohio.  And I thought it was funny.  And I laughed.

And then?

Yesterday, we had winds nearing hurricane strength.  Here.  In Ohio.

But, still, it wasn’t a hurricane.

I’m pretty sure it happened because I laughed, though.

Yeah, we were at Bald Man’s soccer game yesterday.  It was soooo windy, obviously.  Windy enough that a tree blew over while we were there.

Driving home, we passed uprooted trees, downed power lines, traffic lights without power.  We found out that most of our family and friends had lost power.  Some have power now.  Others might not for days.  We never lost power.

Boy, was I feeling badly about laughing now.

So, the local news is now non-stop on the record wind speeds here.  And the loss of power.  And the destruction.  And it is serious.

But it’s just a blip compared to Texas right now.  And, for once, I’m thankful to be in Ohio.  That’s not an easy thing for me to say. 😉

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Just remember….

…when you choose to lie to your kids (tell them a fib, deceive them, whatever) about the way something is or why a certain place is dangerous and that’s why they can’t go there, realize that they’re going to repeat this as truth to everyone they talk to.

And there are those irritatingly legalistic kids who are going to know the truth and tell your kids.

And those kids are mine, sadly.

And it’s not my fault you made up those stories.

Just don’t spill the beans about Santa to my kids. 😉

But I won’t blame your kids (or you) if they do.

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In the van on the way to Kings Island:

Jake (to the other kids): If you’re naked and you do something bad and the police catch you, they will give you a ticket and stick it to your pee-pee.

Bald Man: No they won’t, Jake.

Jake: Okay.  I was just guessin’.

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This is it….the last night of summer break.  Samantha and I start school officially again tomorrow.  (I decided it was probably a federal offense to have school on Labor Day or something, so it worked to my benefit to not have to start on a Monday).

I decided to also start Jake in Kindergarten.  No, he’s not officially signed up.  Samantha and I do school via an on-line school.  Just like the other public schools, a child has to be 5 before he’s officially born in order to be able to start Kindergarten in the next decade, or something like that.  And, since Jake won’t be 5 for about 8 weeks, I can’t officially start him.  However, I have some Kindergarten workbooks.  He’s already started reading, loves math, and sits along with Samantha and me during the school day anyway.  I really can’t imagine waiting another year to start school with him.

So, if you ask me in person, I will try to just say, “Yes, he’s in kindergarten.”  Just imagine that I’ve explained all the rest to you in person and I’ll try not to feel like I’m lying since he’s not officially in school and such.  And that will be really hard for me.

So, there you go.  Wish me luck.  He’s excited.  I’m excited.  Samantha’s pretending not to be, but I’m hoping it’s just a good act. 😉

Goodbye, sticky, humid, hot, mosquito-laden summer days……

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I’ve spent much of Labor Day weekend in the attic.  The attic that you could only barely walk around in 3 days ago.  The attic that holds most of everything extra that Bald Man and I have accumulated in our adulthood (much of it childhood memorbilia that our parents wanted out of their houses).  The attic that’s supposed to be wonderful extra space to explore hobbies and such and not have everything sitting out on the dining room table.  That attic.

The attic is noticeably different today.  Still not usable, but I can at least feel that I accomplished a bit with the long weekend.

And, I was able to share our prom picture with the 3 year old.  He was intrigued.

“Daddy looks funny.  The hair on Daddy’s head looks funny.”

“Yes.  Daddy used to have hair.”

“Were you at a birthday party?” (The sum total of backdrop for the photos were two balloon bouquets.)


(Looking at my dress) “Were you a princess?”

“Yes.  Yes I was.”

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Update/Clarification: Make sure to read Jackie’s comment.  I didn’t really get the message across in the post.  And then help her out.  And I’ll be thinking, too. 🙂  Since she won’t move to Ohio.  (I can’t blame her, though I’d love it. 🙂 )

What’s she gonna do with all that junk…all that junk….ahem…oh….wait….

Jackie’s restless.  You know Jackie, yeah?  My BFF.  My M of H.  The Butthead to my Beavis.  The Scooby to my Shaggy.  The Pinky to my The Brain.  The Honeycutt to my Hawkeye.  The Oates to my Hall.  The Milli to my Vanilli.  The Dory to my Marlin.  The (insert 90210 reference here.  She watched it.  I didn’t.)  The Amos to my Andy (that’s for all you Baby Boomers reading here. 😉 )  The Ren to my Stimpy.  The Jekyll to my Hyde.  The Miley Cyrus to my Hannah Montanna.  Oh wait….we’re not actually the same person…..so scratch that.

Anyway, she’s restless and needs something to do?  Or something.  She’s my age (so very young), and established.  She’s not restless because she has so much more than she knows what to do with.  She’s one of the hardest working people I know, honestly.  And don’t tell her that she’s bored and just needs to go out and volunteer or something.  She’s one of those social services kinda people who is actually trying to do something to make a difference in people’s lives (not like the rest of you out there who said that in your interview just to get that scholarship or whatnot.).  But she needs a bit of a change.  Excitement.  Something.

Any suggestions for her?  College football has started, and so she’s got the whole, “Go Illini!!!” thing going on part of the time.  But that still leaves a lot of energy left for exciting stuff.

What would you do if you were restless and just needed to do something?

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