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Conversation with the Kids

Jake: Mom, do you wear mascara?

Me: ??  Umm…yeah.  (How does he know what mascara is?)

J: Well, mascara is clumpy.  It makes clumps.  Unless you use SpinLash.  Then it doesn’t clump.  And it lengthens and curls as it spins.

M: Okay.

Samantha: AND, if you order one, you get another one for FREE.

J: Yeah, for FREE.

S: And, you get a 5x mirror for FREE, too.

J: Yeah, for FREE.  You should get that.

M: How do you guys know about SpinLash?

S&J: From the TV.

M: Ahhh…yes.  Let’s turn off the TV, shall we?

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Merry Christmas :)

Hey all!  So glad some of you are still hanging around here.  I’m missing writing, but life is so full of other good things, too!

Speaking of which, I chose to forego Christmas cards this year.  I usually send out between 60 and 70 cards.  I hand write in each one, and address by hand (because I still don’t seem to have one database with everyone’s info!) and sometimes it’s just overwhelming.  I decided to take a year off from them, and just post a card-ish thing here.  That way, no one has to feel badly about putting our beautiful faces in the trash, or keeping around a photo that they they don’t really want for the next decade until they are cleaning out a junk drawer and see our photo and can’t even remember who we are and why they still have the photo and then throw our beautiful faces in the trash.  See how much stress I’m saving you, too? 😉

Anyway, here we are this year:

Aldrich Family 2008

Aldrich Family 2008

Hey look, a photo where we all have our eyes open and no one is making a silly face!!!  (Seriously, any hint of a silly face there is just what our faces actually look like.)  And it only took about 15 tries!!!

Life is good here.  Challenging, joyful, and a constant roller coaster ride!  Kids are good.  Normal, fun, frustrating, loving, energetic, busy, normal kids.  We couldn’t love them more, or be more thankful for them.  I think it’s gonna be a blast enjoying Christmas with them this year.  I’m so excited.

Hope you are all doing wonderfully, that you have a beautiful holiday, and that 2009 is your best year ever.

Merry Christmas,

Kerri, Cory, Samantha, Jake and Luke

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