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Lack of Creativity…

or time….or motivation….something…

Haven’t forgotten you all out here!!!  My brain’s just too tired to put “pen to paper,” so to speak, when I actually have the time to do it.  Thus, I’m posting a tagging of sorts.  Saw Gill’s post this morning and looked interesting, so decided to do it myself.

Sixth folder in your photos, sixth photo in your sixth folder.  Could I have made that sound more difficult?

Turns out, I only had 3 photos in my sixth folder.  Not sure why.  I think these folders were randomly thrown together.  So I just counted them twice.  Here’s the photo:

No kids section.

No kids section.

This photo was taken when Jack and I went to visit my Aunt Lynn and Patrick in South Carolina last April.  No kids.  Just a quick vacation with other adults.  This was how beautifully the table was set each night for dinner, lavishly adorned with the meal lovingly prepared by Chef Patou (Patrick).  Well, there was the one night when we had a picnic on the beach and saw dolphins swimming offshore, but this was our usual table. 🙂

I’ve never regretted having kids, ever.  But it is nice to get away and just be an adult once in a while.   A table set with beautiful crystal (ready to be filled with beautiful Kir Royales!!!), candlelight, and conversation uninterrupted by trips to the potty and fights over who wants which color bowl (maybe that’s why Lynn sticks with all black place settings? 😉 ), it’s something everyone should be treated with every once in a while.

Thanks, Lynn and Patrick, for a relaxing experience and great memories. 🙂

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We have a new puppy.  Woof!  His name is Nigel Morton.  He, his mom, and his littermates were rescued from a high kill shelter by a former co-worker of mine who runs luv4K9s.  You should check them out if you’re in the area and looking for some canine companionship.  They also need more foster families if you’re not ready to commit full time!

Nigel is a golden retriever and has the most beautiful disposition.  Playful in his puppy mode, but calm otherwise.  And cuddly.  I love him so already. 🙂

Here he is in all his adorableness:


And here he is with Luke:


And here he is meeting my in-laws’ golden, Henry:


What cracks me up is the reaction from people when we decided we were going to adopt him.  “Are you sure?  Have you thought about this?  You know you have them for life, right?  You know this is a big obligation?”

This they are asking of a couple with three children.  Three.  For life.  We know obligation.  We know responsibility.  We know committment.  We know these things.

And while I’m thankful for the warnings/cautions, I wonder where all these people were when we were having kids.  I don’t remember anyone questioning that decision.  “Are you sure?  You know those kids are going to be around forever.  You’ll never be able to just up and leave the house again.  And you have to feed them, EVERDAY.  And they’re expensive.  You know that, right?”


But, to be fair, I think we contemplated the thought of a puppy more than we did having children.  I always knew I wanted children, so did he (well, he knew he wanted at least one).  It was only ever a question of when, not if.  A puppy was a completely different thing altogether.  But once we decided, and once we knew it was time, it was all just about bringing Nigel home.  And he has been an awesome and amazingly natural addition to our family.

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