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I’m an Aldi shopper.  Can I admit that here?  Yes, yes, I think I can.  Cause it’s my blog, and whaddya gonna do?

I’ve been an Aldi shopper for a few years.  I can admit to avoiding it earlier in our marriage, but for no other reason than it was unfamiliar to me.  I’m an Air Force Brat.  You want groceries?  Go to the commissary.  Then Bald Man was working at Meijer, and we’re nothing if not brand and store loyal.

Well, we were.

A friend of mine was doing the Aldi thing and loving it.  Saving lots of money.  I’m not sure how she got me to try it out, but maybe it was serving Aldi stuff to me at her house.  And, guess what?  It wasn’t gross.  And if she hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have known.

Years and many shopping trips later, Aldi is a regular stop in our weekly shopping.  Lower prices.  Food tastes good.  And the kids don’t care about name brand cereals, pop tarts, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, peanut butter, jelly, juice, bread, hot dogs, etc.  As long as it’s not yucky, they’ll eat it.  (Okay, can I say that I do feed my children food that requires actual preparation, and not just the stuff listed there?  Kthx.)

In fact, my friend told me that when she was little, she didn’t like the name brand stuff.  Her family shopped at Aldi, that was the food she grew up with and was used to, and the name brand stuff was the weird stuff.  Who knew?

So, if you haven’t tried Aldi, yet, or are curious about some of their products, head on over to Aldi Food Review.  It’s a blog by the brother of a friend of a friend (although that friend of a friend is also a friend now, but that’s more detail than you really need).   Good reviews, I agree with all that I’ve tried, and he’s funny.

Like he says, you’re not going to get everything you need there; they just don’t carry that much variety.  But, for the staples, you will save quite a bit.  I’ve gone through spurts of shopping there.  Whenever I had a baby, I went there much less often.  I needed lots of baby stuff, which they don’t carry, and I didn’t have the extra energy to make all the extra stops.  But we’re there often now, and it’s great for our budget.  You might even save enough for a night out for yourself.   See how smart you are? 😉

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The outcome of quiet.  For real quiet.  The silent kind of quiet.  And I’m slightly disturbed by it.

I’m always saying I want quiet.  There is constantly noise around me.  Usually it’s name is Jake, though his siblings and the dog help, too.  And loud noise.  Loud, loud, loud.  People call me on the phone and they’re all, “What is all that noise?” and I’m all, “Jake” and they’re all, “Oh yeah.”  😛

Okay, it’s not always Jake.  There’s the TV and the video games and the dishwasher and the computer and the dogs in the yards around and the other kids and their friends and the phone and the toys and the voices in my head and their friends, too.

So, like most moms and other caretakers of young children, I often say that all I want is a moment of quiet.  Real quiet.  Silent quiet.  Just a moment.  That’s all I want.

And then I got it.  And it was deafening.

It happened a couple of weeks ago.  Bald Man had taken Samantha to dance.  My friend or my mom had the boys.  I was headed to a photography class at the library.  Only, there was a 45 minute window where I was the only one in the house.  Really.  Okay, the dog was here.  But that’s it.

It was quiet.  Truly quiet.  No computers on, no TV, no toys, no phone, no dishwasher, just nothing.  So, so quiet.

Other than that instance, I don’t remember that last time I was truly alone.  And, like I said, the dog was even there that time.  I occasionally get time alone in the car.  And I often don’t even turn on any music because I just enjoy the quiet.  No one in the backseat asking me questions.  No two other people in the backseat trying to yell over the other one trying to ask me questions.  Just quiet.  But, even then, there’s the hum of the tires on the road, and other cars driving by.  There’s always something.

But, back at home, in that 45 minute window, there was nothing.  No hum that I could discern.  No voices.  No nothing.  And it FREAKED ME OUT.  And I’m not sure why.  Other than that it just felt like something was wrong.  Very, very wrong.

Here, I was living my dream!!!  For 45 minutes at least.  And I almost couldn’t stand it.  How disappointing.

I’ve never lived alone.  I went from my parents’ house, had an apartment in college with a friend for a year, and then back to my parents’ for a year until I got married.  I never wanted to live alone.  I knew I never wanted to live alone.   Maybe, intuitively, I knew that I couldn’t truly handle the quiet.  Or maybe I was just afraid.  One of those.

So, I’m thinking the truly, truly quiet and I lasted together for about 10 minutes.  That was it.   Then I stomped on the dog’s tail so he would bark and it would be loud and I would feel better.


But I think I did decide then that I could go ahead and leave early and get to the library and just read until my class started.  Because, really, have you ever been in a library that’s truly quiet?  Me neither.

So, the next time you hear me saying that all I really want is some peace and quiet, remind me that a dull roar is about the most quiet I can handle.

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Have I mentioned I have bouts of insomnia?  I think I have.  I’m too lazy to go look it up.

Anyway, the insomnia has at least had the good manners to become somewhat predictable.  Always nice when a pesky annoyance does so.

Soooo, I was so happy to have come across a commenter’s blog filled with quotations to keep me occupied into these wee hours here.  Blogtations.  I read them.  All.  Yes.  All.  Because time?  It’s what I have on my side on nights like these.  Energy tomorrow?  Not so much.  But time tonight?  Enough time to read 600 some blogtations, and many that literally made me laugh out loud.  And really, if you can’t sleep, you might as well be laughing, yeah? 😉

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I’d forgotten what it was like to date a student.  Of course, the last time I dated a student, we were both single and without kids.  We had full time jobs that required little to none of our gray matter.  We had a bit of expendible income, and, seemingly, all the time in the world.

Well, I happen to be dating the same student.  He is, however, married and has three kids.  Our three kids.  And married to me.  Expendible income?  Time?  Jobs that didn’t require a brain?  What was that all about?  And how do we get that back?

As of this week, Bald Man is once again a college student.  He has decided he’s had enough of the pension world, and wants to persue his passion, teaching.  And so, 12 years after graduating with a finance and economics degree, he is going back for a degree in education.  And he has to go to class.  And study.  And read.  And do projects.

And, btw, did I mention he’s still working full-time?  And being a husband and father?  And other stuff?

But this isn’t his blog, it’s mine.  And, so, how does this affect me?  Well, it means I have to step up at home.  Not that being a SAHM is ever easy in the first place, nor a homeschooling mom.  But, the truth is, I’ve had it about as easy as it can be while being at home and teaching.

While working full-time, Bald Man still has his share of chores around the house.  Not that I’d ever give him any, mostly just things that he’d prefer to do b/c I’m rather sucky at them.  Pretty much anything that involves putting stuff away.  (Clothes, dishes, kids.)  I’m not so good at putting stuff away.  Yes, even the kids.  For several years, he’s been Bedtime Daddy.  He’s just better at it than me.  And I’m not kidding!!!  Whereas it’ll take me 45 minutes to get them all ready and in bed, he’s got them done in 15—and has ready a story or two to boot!!!!  Not sure how he accomplishes that.

All that help around here is probably going to be a thing of the past.  With so much now on his plate, I need to be better about what’s on mine, including bedtime.  I’m hoping he has them in a good enough routine with that that they can just guide me through it all. 😉

I am so glad that he is finally persuing his passion.  He really is a great teacher, and I’m full of joy that he’ll be able to spend his days in ways that truly fill him up and that students will be able to be taught by a teacher who has a true passion for the subjects they’ll be learning.

Only one life, peeps.  If you know what you want to do, start doing it now.  Whatcha waitin’ for?

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