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I don’t often buy cheese puffs anymore, though I do love them.  And….that’s probably why.  I could consume a bag in one sitting if left to my own devices.

So, my kids were excited that I picked some up from the grocery for them today.  I placed some on their plates for dinner.  The following conversation ensued….

Me: “There are some cheese puffs for you.”

Luke: “Remember when Dad had those and they made him sick?”

Me: (Searching my memory) “No.”

Luke: “Yeah.  Remember?  And we had to buy him oatmeal?”

Me: “No.  Seriously.  What are you talking about?”

Luke: “Remember?  He was sick and he had red dots all over him?”

Me (aha!): “Luke, that was chicken pox, not cheese puffs.”  😛

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Okay, nothing major here, just a tip on getting your kids to eat veggies.

We’ve started Crunch Contests with the kids when we serve raw carrot sticks.  Sounds basic and maybe dull?  I didn’t realize how much they would get into it!  And, we make them eat everything else on their plates before they can participate in the contest, so we get all the other nutrients in as well (AND we don’t spend forever at the table waiting for them to finish their supper!).

What are your tricks for getting kids to eat and enjoy the veggies?

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