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Okay, picked up this fill-in from Heather.  Enjoy. 🙂


1. If I could get away somewhere for the weekend I would go to:  a B&B with my hubs.  And I’m going to in a couple of weeks, celebrating our 14 years of marriage.  Crazy.

2. Something I often rant about is: okay, 2 things.  One, when you share something with someone and they respond with, “Well, it must be nice,” in a snarky, jealous way.  I’m happy for you when something good happens to you, you should try and do the same (for me or anyone else).  Two,  when we feel we have to justify a purchase to someone just because they compliment us.  (This will probably make more sense to the ladies out there.)  When I say, “Ooohhh, your ring is really pretty,”  Or, “I love that shirt!”, believe what I say.  I don’t mean, “Wow, I really think that ring is pretty and it must have cost a fortune.”  I really don’t care what you paid for it.  I don’t need you to tell me that you found it on sale.  I’m really just letting you know that I like it.  It’s fine if you got a deal and want to share that with me, but that’s really not the intent of my compliment.  I’m really just glad for you that you have something you enjoy.

3. One item I need to have in my fridge at all time is: Vanilla Yogurt.  A big tub of it.  It’s essential for our smoothies and parfaits.  A few frozen strawberries, bananas, blueberries and yogurt in the blender and the kids think they’re having ice cream for breakfast. 🙂

4. My “life-saving” product is: Frizz-Ease by John Frieda.  It makes my hair almost sane.

5. A friend is someone who: is honest, is there for you, rejoices in your joy, comforts and listens to you in your sadness, and doesn’t leave you for the newest model.  I wonder if I’ve been guilty of that.

6. If I could write my own blank it would be: The next thing I want to learn to do is _________.

7.  My favorite kind of art is: photography.  It brings me so much joy.  And Norman Rockwell paintings.  I just love those.

My answer to Heather’s blank: Mark Harmon.  Maybe I was twelve, though.  Oh!  And Jon Bon Jovi.

My answer to my blank: A cartwheel.  Haven’t checked that off the bucket list, yet. 😉

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5 years!  That’s how long I’ve been blogging!  Okay, so, my first post was five years ago.  I know I’ve been hit or miss since then, but I’m still here. 🙂  Baldman got me started, then Hsien hired me to do some writing with a network AND introduced me to IMing.  How crazy was that?  The network is now, well, I don’t know, but I did meet some pretty cool people through it.  Jonic is still around, and allows for some grown-up chatting when I’m sitting long days with the kiddos.  I’ve met lots of other fun peeps through this whole blogging thing.  It’s been a good outlet and a great place to find inspiration and to spur creativity.  Great fun.  Thanks for sticking around. 🙂

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I’m not one of those people, one of those grown ups who no longer expects people to make notice of their birthdays.  My age is not a curse, embarrassment, or a lie.  My age, my birthday, and my life are something to be celebrated.  I cringe when Baldman quotes, well, whoever it is he quotes when he says, “There is an age at which you should stop expecting people to make a big deal out of your birthday.  That age is 10.”  (FTR, he doesn’t say that to me. 😛 )  So I really don’t understand the grown-ups who say they just want to spend a quiet day doing things with their family for their birthdays.  That doesn’t scream celebration to me.  That screams hum-drum (if, indeed, hum-drum can realistically be screamed.  It seems a screamless sentiment.)

I thought that’s how I felt about Mother’s Day as well.  Bring me breakfast in bed, bouquets of flowers, take me out to dinner, take me to the movies, SPOIL ME ROTTEN.  No, it doesn’t always happen that way.  It never happens quite that way.  And that’s probably good.  Who wants to get used to all that attention?  Psh.  This year, though, I really did want to have a simple day.  Okay, weekend.  I tend expand the holidays a bit. 🙂

I told Baldman and the kids I wanted to take Saturday for Mother’s Day (since Mom and my MIL both live in town).  I slept in, had a homemade breakfast (not made by me), we did yard work and some shopping.  They all watched and gave opinions while I chose a dress and shoes (total under $30—Gabriel Bros.  Gotta love it!).  No one even whined about hanging out around the dressing room!

The rest of the weekend we celebrated with our moms.  Dinner and game night with one, breakfast and yardwork with the other.  I find I like sharing Mother’s Day with two amazing moms who are such a big part of our lives.

And, much to my amazement, the best part of the day was present time after breakfast.  Handmade cards, tissue paper flowers, handprint ceramics, decoupaged candle holders, and kids beaming with pride at their creations.  And me, beaming at mine.

So, it appears that I’ve grown up a bit in the whole Mother’s Day celebration.  When it comes to my birthday, though?  Pretend I’m turning 5 and party it up. 🙂

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I love journaling; I’m sure that’s why I started blogging.  I keep several journals.  One for each kid, from the time I knew I was pregnant with each of them.  (Sadly, much like their scrapbooks, the journal for the oldest is rather full, while the youngest just gets a sprinkling of an entry every now and again).  One personal, one dealing with weightloss (or lack thereof), one for things I’m praying about.

I think my latest, though, will be by far my favorite.  It’s a journal I’m keeping with my daughter.  I read the idea in a book about, shocker, journaling.  I decided it would be a nice new facet to our relationship, and it has been.  I also wanted to make sure that we started it while my daughter is still young enough that she doesn’t think I’m the world’s biggest drag.  I think we managed that.  My desire is that it becomes a place where we can share our thoughts, ideas, fears, hopes, joys, questions, and answers.  I want this to be to be a safe haven from judgment, disappointment, embarrassment, and insecurity.  I want us to share the moments of our lives that may be too fragile to speak aloud, but that still need to be expressed and experienced together.  I want her to know that there is always a safe place where we can meet.

Only a few months in, I already treasure it.

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