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So, a year ago today I was still technically a SAHM.  I was volunteering at a teen homeless shelter, an agency of which I knew I always wanted to be a part even though I’d never stepped foot inside.  I spent most of my days taking the kids to school, then headed to the gym for a run or a swim, trying to prepare for my first triathlon.

Fast forward one year.  I’ve completed three triathlons, and a half-marathon.  I am going to school full-time.  And still doing the wife/mommy gig, the most important gig in my life. 🙂

I’ve also begun working at that agency that I’d admired for so long.  Full-time.  And today we begin a new venture in that agency.  I was and am privileged to be a part of a new team hired to bring this project to fruition from the ground up.  It has been a growing, exciting, hopeful, and stressful process.  I’ve learned a lot about myself through this process, and a lot about my co-workers.  And, more importantly, how we, with our differences, can feed off of each other to make a great team.  I think we’re getting there.

Today is the first day that we’re opening our new program.  So excited.  A little stressful (remember, stress can be good stress, too!).  And, mostly, tons of hope for our new clients.

New ventures are exciting.  It’s going to take more balancing of all of these good things than I ever thought possible.  I, and my family, are still trying to figure this whole thing out.  I am amazed at how loving, supportive, and patient my husband and kids have been.  I am one lucky lady….

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5 years!  That’s how long I’ve been blogging!  Okay, so, my first post was five years ago.  I know I’ve been hit or miss since then, but I’m still here. 🙂  Baldman got me started, then Hsien hired me to do some writing with a network AND introduced me to IMing.  How crazy was that?  The network is now, well, I don’t know, but I did meet some pretty cool people through it.  Jonic is still around, and allows for some grown-up chatting when I’m sitting long days with the kiddos.  I’ve met lots of other fun peeps through this whole blogging thing.  It’s been a good outlet and a great place to find inspiration and to spur creativity.  Great fun.  Thanks for sticking around. 🙂

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Just updating and rearranging around here.  Domain stuff and things that Bald Man thought would be good.  Whatever.  Right now, it just means a pretty design here until I learn design or con someone else into doing it for me. 😛  Anyone, anyone……

Life is good.  School is officially done for the year.  I’m finding that, as a homeschooling mom, I look forward to summer vacation as much as the kids!!!

What else?  Surely there’s something new and fun going on.  Who knows.  I’ll try to get less sleep deprived and come back with something entertaining. 🙂

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Yep, I finally did it.

No, I wasn’t drunk. Yes, I knew it would be permanent. Yes, it hurt.

So, the why, since that’s usually the next question. I’ve wanted a tattoo for about 10 years. Yes, I really have. I just needed to come up with something that mattered enough to me to have it put on my body. I contemplated one to mark my Dad’s life and death, and I even have an idea in my head, but I’ve never stumbled upon an image that comes close to what’s in my head, yet.

So, Jack and I took a trip to South Carolina earlier this month (I’ll share more about that soon), and I decided then that I wanted a tattoo for Mother’s Day. I know many go for the mother’s ring, with the birthstones of their children in the ring. I don’t actually like the kids’ stones together, so I decided I’d go a different route.

I decided that I’d just get the kids’ initials tattooed on. I love it, it matters to me, and when I go, it goes. No ring to fight over. 😉 And if they’re fighting over the tattoo itself, it’s means I’ve seriously damaged the psyches of my kids more than I could ever imagine. 😛

Sidenote: Did you know that it’s been illegal to get a tattoo in South Carolina until the last year or two? Something like that. Anyway, it was crazy because Jack and I couldn’t find a place in SC to get our tattoos! We ended up getting them on the way home (yes, she got one, too) at Beelistic in Cincinnati. Rich did our tattoos. I told him that anyone who permanently changed my skin had to get in a photo with me. 🙂 Here he is:

Here’s Jackie enjoying the gentle tickling of the tattoo. 😛

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So, you know how I feel about teeth, then, right? Gross. Especially the wiggly ones. Ewww. I can’t stand the wiggly ones. However, the wiggly ones don’t hold a candle to the crumbly ones.

The crumbly ones ?, you ask.

The crumbly ones, I say.

I have this reoccurring nightmare that all my teeth fall out. Slowly. One by one. Well, they start out one by one, then a sort of waterfall effect occurs and they’re all falling out.

That was the tame version of the nightmare.

The not-so-tame version is that they not only are falling out, but that they are crumbling in my mouth before they totally fall out. There are not even words or expressions possible to use on the computer to express how completely mortifying this dream is to me. I’m trying, there’s nothing.

And when I have that dream, I fully expect to feel nothing but grit and crumbs of teeth in my mouth. Always a relief when I don’t. Always.

Anyway, today, I got a glimpse of it. One of my teeth chipped! It happened to me once before. My first tooth chipped while eating at a pizzeria in Times Square. A cheese calzone. Memorable.

Today? The tooth right next to the first (both on the bottom, front) chipped while eating Subway (no, I don’t like Subway, but I’m counting calories again and they’ve got those light subs and whatnot) at a picnic bench outside of Bald Man‘s office. Not that memorable. Just annoying. And now the tip of my tongue is raw from messing with that tooth all day. Annoying.

So far, the rest of the teeth are fine. Maybe I should drink more milk. Calories, though. So, maybe I should actually start taking those calcium pills I bought when I realized I was at that age that I should probably start doing things like that. Or maybe I should just stop chewing on rocks. One of those things…

I’ll try to come up with something better for next time. 😉

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Honestly, I go through so many of my days without hardly sitting at all. Not for meals, not for writing, not for much of anything. That’s because as soon as I sit down, some little person is yelling, “Mom, I need….” or “Mom, can you get….?” or “Mom, Luke’s playing in the toliet!” Yeah, stuff like that.

Well, yesterday, I decided I would sit for a few minutes. My back was killing me, my legs were sore, and I thought it might be nice to re-introduce my butt to my couch. It was such a momentous occasion that I actually announced it to my husband. “Hey honey, I’m gonna go sit down for a few minutes, k?”

And I did. I sat on the couch. And not 1 minute later, my three year old was using my legs for a slide. Yep, climb up next to me, sit on my lap, slide down my legs, lather, rinse, repeat.

My butt and the couch barely had a moment to themselves.

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Yup, that would be today. Ten years of Bald Man putting up with all of my neuroses. Ten years of me putting up with all of the hair in the drain. (He puts the blame on me, but I remind him that I’m still the one with hair on my head. I think the evidence supports my argument. 😉 )

Anyway, I wrote a bit about our ten years here at that marriage blog of ours.

Here, I just want to say,

Thanks, babe, for loving me. For loving our kids. For fighting for the best that we can do and be together. For not quitting when times get tough. For celebrating all the good. For being my best friend. For loving my family. I love you today more than ever before.

And, in case I haven’t told you lately, I still think you’re way hot. 😉


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