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So, I received an e-mail today from a local florist, Oberer’s Flowers.  I’m on their mailing list and often receive notices for their current specials.  Today’s, however, grabbed my attention.  They were announcing the return of Super Tuesdays and free bouquets.  Definitely interesting.  I forwarded the e-mail to my mom and then, well, kinda forgot about it.  Mom brain and that….

So, mom’s leaving work and calls to mention the e-mail and that she’s gonna check it out.  I decide to run up there, too.  I’m thinking that it’ll be a few roses wrapped in paper, which is definitely still worth the jaunt up there.  I love Oberer’s arrangements.  They did all the flowers for my dad’s funeral, and they were each so beautiful.  Members of our family have used them frequently and are so pleased with their service and products.

So, I head up there and take a look at what’s available and this is what I come home with…..

C’mon now, that’s a beautiful arrangement!  For free!

Okay, so you want to know the catch, right?  Well, you fill out your name and address, wear a little “Hello, My name is…” type tag that mentions Oberer’s (I was going home, so it didn’t really help them any), and promise to tell 10 people about it.  That’s free enough for me. 🙂

So, if you live in the Dayton area, look forward to Super Tuesdays and free flowers!  The said they’d be doing this promotion for a little while.  Be sure to check them out!

Thanks for the flowers, Oberer’s!

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