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Well, today is the last day that I’ll have a two year old. My baby turns three tomorrow. It’s crazy how quickly time flies. And if you’re looking for me tomorrow, I’ll be the one dancing up and down the street singing, “Hallelujah!”. 😛

As you may remember, two hasn’t always been easy in our house. And I’m not really sad to see it go. And really not for any other reason than it means we’re moving forward with our little family.

Two is quite amazing, actually. The changes that occur in that year are unbelievably phenomenal. From speech, to mobility, to they way they play, to the way they think, it’s just unimaginable. It seems that it would take an adult an entire lifetime to accomplish the changes that a child makes in just that year. And it’s a beautiful thing to be a part of.

But I don’t think I’ll miss it. I’ve had the joy (and struggle!) of being with all of my kids, day in and out, through all of their twos. And I think I’ve had my fill. 🙂

Now to get one more through the threes. Because, as well all know, three is much harder than two. All those fancy words that you thought it would be fun to teach your two year old? All of the attitude he’s been observing in his older sibs? All of the knock-knock jokes that he’s committed to memory? They all come to haunt you in the threes. 😛 And I’ll feel completely joyed at getting to experience the threes for one last time. (Remind me of this in a coupla months, will ya? 😉 )

And Happy Birthday to Jackie!!!!!!! (I was gonna put a nice photo of her up here, but I think she’ll kill me no matter what photo I use. She should stop yawning when I go to take her picture so I have some options. 😛 )

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Do not envy?

A friend posted this video earlier today. He doesn’t read music. He has no training, but plays the guitar. He just took a stab at the piano last summer, if I’m remembering it correctly.

A big house? More money? A nicer car? A cooler place to live? Those don’t tempt me. I don’t envy those things in my friends or others.

If I envy anything, it’s natural gifts and abilities like this.

Well done, Jonic. Now when you gonna work up some Damien Rice for me? 😉

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It’s a bit of a running joke with my friends that they should bring their own ice when they come over to the house. We don’t have an automatic ice maker in the freezer, and I rarely use ice at all, so we’re often down to the last few cubes right as company is about to arrive.

I’ve gotten better, though. Or so I thought. Here’s what a friend recently found in the full ice tray the other day:


Yeah, I don’t know why I at some point had a Hershey’s Kiss tag with the word “Oops” printed on it. I don’t remember them making April Fools Day themed candies, but maybe. Anyway, I fortunately have friends who love me and have a good sense of humor. And, well, know that I have plenty of good attributes that make up for my lack of ice-making skills. 😀

Would’ve been even better if I had planned that “oops” note in there. But no. I am just that blind to details and such. Ah well…

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My one Spanish teacher friend showed me this video and I was dying laughing. It’s fantastic. I’ll post it here in honor of my other Spanish teacher friend, who also teaches music and ESL. He and his lovely wife, btw, have a blog of their own that I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned here before. Fishers of La Paz. They’ve just moved their life and family to Bolivia! Check them out and enjoy their journey. 🙂

In honor of you, Tomas! And I’ll work on Bald Man to get that other video up and going, soon!

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And a week it was…


So, see there? My birthday did last a whole week AND a day! Got to hang out with a few friends last night, just chatting, playing a few games, and laughing a ton. That doesn’t happen nearly often enough! Thanks, friends. 🙂

Lots and tons of stuff has happened. The whole filming thing was this past weekend. I’ll write that up soon, and try not to bore you with it too much. But it was fantastic.

School and dance and all are starting up again, reminding me that summer is gone. Ah well, I love the fall better, anyway. 🙂 We now switch from half-day to full day homeschooling. If I’m not out here for a while, you’ll know I’m just trying to figure that all out.

And Happy Name Day to Jonic! Can’t wait to chat with you during your inevitable impending sugar buzz. 🙂

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Hey all! Sorry I’ve been so off and on lately. There is stuff going on, and I’ll try to get more of it out here. I’ve missed you guys. 🙂

Okay, so, tying up loose ends…

You’ll remember I had a contest celebrating my one year here at My Name is Mommy. Thanks again for being here with me! Anyway, anyone submitting a comment (sans the spammers…grrrr…) from this post through the end of June was entered to win either a box of Esther Price chocolates or an Amazon gift certificate worth $15. And the winner is….

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…and I’m guessing you might wonder, am I still So. Totally. Psyched?


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