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Kate has a group writing project going on at Babylune, and I have exactly 29 minutes to get a submission in to her (assuming that she wasn’t talking any European times)! The theme is Mistakes and Lessons learned. I haven’t had a big “yes, that’s it!” moment on this one yet, and I’m now down to 26 minutes, so I’m going with:

Advice To A New Mom

These are things that I would have done differently when having my first child. Here goes:

Don’t take a prenatal vitamin on an empty stomach.
Not only will it not substitute for a healthy breakfast, it won’t even stay in your system long enough to do any good, I wouldn’t think. And you’ll spend your morning in the bathroom doing things that you would prefer not to do ever, and enough time will be spent in there that you could have just had a healthy breakfast and the vitamin, and all would have stayed with you. Unless you have morning sickness. Then you’re just outta luck no matter what.

Walk around in a porcupine costume for your entire pregnancy.
Someone will always want to touch your belly, no matter how far along you are. Sometimes it will be people you know and love and maybe it won’t bother you. Sometimes it might be someone you work with who had only spoken to you twice in the entire two years you’d previously worked together and it will bother you. And they’ll come at you with no warning and not enough time to stop them and shield your own body and then you’ll just want to hurt them. Hypothetically. I think porcupine costumes would be good for that purely hypothetical situation. And, my goodness, how darn cute would pregnant ladies look in those, anyway? Buncha pregnant porcupines walking around. Could there be a more adorable world to live in?

Don’t put your angry naked two year old in a crib while you go to grab a diaper.
Apparently, for a two year old, a urinary soaking is the best revenge. Especially if you’ve just bathed them. And if you’ve just put new sheets on the crib mattress. (Oh hush, there are, too, sometimes clean sheets on the crib. Our laundry is not always backed up this much. Okay, I’m lying, it is.) And that goes for either gender, btw.

Alright, the clock is telling me that my assignment is due, and almost late. Hope that helps somebody. If not, I at least got to laugh at the thought of all the pregnant porcupines. Have I mentioned I’m a little slap happy? Need sleep. 😛

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Okay, folks, totally forgot to mention that one of my other blogs (Play Library) hosted this week’s Carnival of Family Life. Tons of stories and posts about all things family related. Hsien put a ton of work into it, so check it out! 😀

If you’re interested in submitting a post for next week’s carnival, head over here. Posts are due by Sunday.

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aman.jpgNo, not crying over spilled milk. At least not today. Or, at least, not right this minute. No, today it was chicken nuggets being pelted across the room by the one year old. I don’t think I cried. At least not until I caught glimpse of a couple of tiny ants clamoring to reach the nugget crumbs before I could get the broom to sweep them up. I won. Tears of victory were what I was crying, people. Tears of victory.

Anyway, the second edition of the Silicon Valley Moms Blog‘s Manic Monday Mashup was posted today. The subject was food, and yours truly was chosen again as one of the 10 featured entries. Now, I have no clue how many entries they actually receive. It might be 11, or 10. In my head, it’s, like, 500. So, you know, whatever. 😉 I’m just glad to be picked.

Here are a couple of entries that touched my heart or brought a few tears to my eyes. That’s just the kind of day it is.

Daniel at Foodmomiac with Mothers and Mussels.

Laura at Adventures in Juggling with Sad Thoughts Over Ketchup.

Amazing how much food is tied to our memories and such. Check out the additional wonderful posts here.

Happy Monday.

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We’re going to be traveling soon, and I’m at the point where I start making a list for every member of the family so that I don’t forget anything when we’re packing. This happens to coincide with Darren Rowse‘s current Group Writing Project. Here’s my list:

1-Sanity. Definitely going to need this while traveling with 3 kids in the car for, at minimum, 9 hours (each way). Now, I don’t think I have enough of my own in my stash to make it through the whole trip. I’ll have to “borrow” some from others. They won’t miss it. And, even if they do, they won’t need it as much as me.

2-Former nanny. One of my very best friends is going with us. I love her completely in her own right. She’s one of the most wonderful people I know. In addition to just being awesome, she is also a former nanny. And not one of those former nannies that was mean and cruel and just in it for the big bucks. No. She actually LIKES kids. Crazy, I know. She’s one of those people that just has a knack for taking care of kids, and mine happen to adore her. And her presence on the trip puts us at a 1:1 ratio of kids to adults. Unbelievable. I’m looking forward to it! No more ganging up on mommy.

3-DVD player. We’re borrowing one. A great road trip tool, as long as you’re willing to sacrifice some of that aforementioned sanity when you’ve heard the same movie 3 times in a row. Whatever it takes to keep them from yelling and fighting. Gotta be able to bore the little ones to sleep, if nothing else. Oh, how I hope they’ll sleep!!!!!!

4-Bribing snacks. And this is where we usually go wrong. Because you need a stash of snacks to bribe them with when you’re traveling and they’re driving you crazy and you just need them to be quiet NOW, but what we usually have with us is something sugary. Yeah, sugary snacks don’t aid in the “calming” process. I’ll have to think on that one a bit more.

5-Flexibility. Because with kids, there’s just no telling what can happen. Seriously. You can try and plan and then everyone just laughs at you when you say, “Well, this is what we’d planned on doing…” Yeah, kids don’t care that much about plans. Neither do chicken pox. Be flexible.

Wish me luck. 😀

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