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Quick post here….

My friend Jackie, who many of you know or have met out here, has an awesome mom. You know those jr.high/high school years where you may live at your own home, but when you also have a few friends’ homes where you practically live as well? Well, for me, Jackie’s house was one of those places. Especially when my Dad was sick and my parents had to travel for his treatments, Jackie’s house was a haven of security and safety for me. Her mom had a lot to do with that. She’s one of those moms that, while she definitely wasn’t someone you could walk all over, was one who you felt understood and cared for by.

Well, her mom hasn’t stopped caring. She is working super hard to get the funds for a skate park in the small town where we grew up. At the time that I lived there, the options for activity were shooting hoops, taking walks, hitting a tennis ball, and nothing much else that I can think of. I don’t think much has changed. As you could surmise from my story, she is no longer a mom of young kids who would use this park. So, it’s not for personal gain that she works for this project; she works for the benefit of the community and the kids of her hometown. So far, they already have the land secured and the concrete poured. They are just waiting for the rest of the funds to be raised to help finish up the project.

Why does this matter to you? Because there is something that you can do to help her!!! Hamburger Helper is holding a contest we want her to win!!! All you have to do is go TO THIS WEBSITE RIGHT HERE, leave a comment, and know that you helped my friend’s mom help others.

Get to it!!! And thanks so much. 🙂

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Game on…

Stupid scale. Stupid, stupid scale. I hate that stupid scale.

But, it is what it is. It is an indicator that I have not been counting calories or exercising for months now. I was actually very proud that, even though I hadn’t been on the plan and losing for months, I was actually maintaining the 30 pounds that I’d lost in the first 5 months of this year. “Was” being the operative word.

Several of those pounds are back; 7 of them since my and Jack’s weight loss competition began. (Wow, was THAT effective.) And now the stupid scale is now reminding me that I’m creeping up on a number that I said I would never eclipse again. Never ever, ever.

Stupid scale.

So, game on. Back on the calories, back on the exercise. Back on the realization that this is one area of my life where I don’t have self-control, or any great genetic makeup that makes this not an issue. And guess what? I never will.Time to grow up. Time to take responsibility. Time to get healthy.

Cheer me on. I’m gonna need it.

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Just time for a quick note. If you’re going to advertise a “Back to School Picnic,” somewhere, for the love of all things helpful, mention that you need to bring a lunch to said picnic. Then maybe inept mother won’t assume that hot dogs (or something similar) will be served and then won’t show up empty-handed for her family of five. Seriously, between e-mails, actual paper reminders, and real-life people reminders, the fact that lunch was not provided was not mentioned.

There goes my “mother of the year award” nomination for today.

But, my oldest did get to go to her first on-line school event, and we got to go out to lunch with some new friends. Maybe it was more fun that way, afterall. 😀

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Bald Man writing over at Supernanny Rules has a reader asking for advice on a kid who is biting.

Amazingly, among all of the other discipline issues we have faced, biting is not one of them (yet). So, I’m asking all of you out there to help this parent out, because we all need all of the good help we can get.

If you’ve some beneficial advice to share, head on over to this post, and put your suggestions in the comments section. Thanks!

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