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Say what?!?

So, Samantha and I were doing our schooling today. I’ve mentioned our homeschooling and reasons and such before. Still not positive if it’s for us long term, but we’re still pluggin’!

Anyway, her Language Arts Lesson today was on writing a note to someone. The example was something like this:

Dear Mom,

Frank and I went to the park. We took the dog.

Love, Johnny

We were then to discuss why Johnny had written the note. I suggested that maybe his mom wasn’t home when they left, and he didn’t want her to be worried when she got home.

My 6 year old’s answer?

“Maybe they were sneaking out.”

I’m in trouble, aren’t I?

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The five year old is currently teaching the three year old phonics. She’s going through the letters and asking him what sound each letter makes. I think he’s answered “huh” to the first 5 letters of the alphabet. Her reply? “Good thing this is preschool homeschooling, cuz you’re not getting very many right.” Oh well, at this rate he should get 1/26. It did crack me up when she said, “It’s okay if you miss three………thousand and 77.”

It’s hilarious watching them, and enlightening, too. I think I get a glimpse of my teaching style watching her work with her brother. I need to be a little more fun with my teaching, I think. He was just saying “Africa” and she ran to get the blow-up globe. She holds it, looks at him and says, “Now, we are NOT going to play with this.” Oops on me. 😀

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…gotta make the moment last.

I’m still sick, but the schooling must continue. One of the things I hate most about being sick is that my normally boundless resevoir of patience is dwindled to nearly nil. Ugh.

I can usually deal. But I’m learning something about my daughter as we’re schooling. She really likes to rush through things. No matter how many times I tell her to work carefully, even if that means to slow down, and to even double check her work, she just doesn’t get it. She thinks she knows the answer, she fills in the blanks, and is ready to move on.

I get frustrated (more than usual with less energy to pull from) because I know full well that she knows the work, and that part of the reason she flies through is because she’s bored with some aspects of it. But she needs to understand that it’s important to do her best work the first time.

The most frustrating part of this is that she gets this trait from her mother, darn it all. Couldn’t I have passed on something more positive to her? Hmph.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be feelin’ groovy again soon, and all will be right with the world. Or, at least, I’ll deal a little better when it isn’t (which is most of the time).

Can you pass the Kleenex, please?

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…that there’s no sub-list to pull from when mommy catches a cold.

We’ll have to skip phonics today so that she doesn’t start spelling “c-o-d-e” for “cold” and “h-a-b” for “have.” Though, I guess, “have” doesn’t follow the rules of phonics. Along with about a billion other words. And that last group of words wasn’t a complete sentence. And I started these last two sentences with the word, “And.” Ah well….

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Just time for a quick note. If you’re going to advertise a “Back to School Picnic,” somewhere, for the love of all things helpful, mention that you need to bring a lunch to said picnic. Then maybe inept mother won’t assume that hot dogs (or something similar) will be served and then won’t show up empty-handed for her family of five. Seriously, between e-mails, actual paper reminders, and real-life people reminders, the fact that lunch was not provided was not mentioned.

There goes my “mother of the year award” nomination for today.

But, my oldest did get to go to her first on-line school event, and we got to go out to lunch with some new friends. Maybe it was more fun that way, afterall. 😀

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1. Coffee in a travel mug with French Vanilla low-fat creamer (no, I didn’t actually go anywhere. I find a travel mug a must to be able to keep coffee safe around my toddlers, and to keep it warm enough to be palatable for hours on end because I never actually get to sit and drink it in a reasonable period of time.)

2. Diet Big K (Kroger‘s generic version of Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi) Seeing a caffeine trend here?

3. iTunes to jam to while I’m homeschooling the little Miss.

That’s it for today.

BTW-Has anyone else noticed how awful the “new improved taste” of Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi is? I tried some on our trip and was so disappointed, and grossed out. They should have left “very tasty” alone.

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Pros and cons…

There are pros and cons to every major choice in life. Here are our first couple a week or so into homeschooling.

Cons (b/c I like getting the bad out of the way first):

1. If I have to take one of the boys to the doctor’s office, my oldest is not sitting in school getting her hours in. That’s still something to do when I get home.

2. I’m still parenting the two “pre-schoolers” in the house while trying to keep my kindergartener (and myself) focused on her work. Challenging.


1. Listening to The Beatles while we study, and getting to teach her about her grandparents’ musical contemporaries while we’re reviewing our phonics lesson.

2. Front row seat to my daughter’s new love of poetry. Getting to watch her face light up, and to watch her add hand motions, when we read pieces like this by Christina Rossetti:

Who has seen the wind?

Neither I nor you:

But when the leaves hang trembling,

The wind is passing through.

Who has seen the wind?

Neither you nor I:

But when the leaves bow down their heads,

The wind is passing by.

So far, the pros definitely outweigh the cons…

Poem from Piping Down the Valleys Wild, page 45

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