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Hey all,

This is me announcing the launch of my photo blog.  I hope you’ll join me for more fun and possibly games there (might have to restart the game that Rantz broke over here 😉 ).

Have a great week. 🙂

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Hey.  Lookey here, still posting and everything!

So, in the midst of trying to set new goals and a few accomplishable (yeah, not a word, I know) projects, I totally pulled a “Kerri,” which is this:

I decided to a Project 365.  Familiar?  Take a photo every day for a year.  Okay, so, I started one of these before.  A couple of years ago.  I’m not even sure if I made it a week.

If you don’t know me, then you have to know this: I love taking photos.  Love it, love it, love it.  So, you would think this would not be a big burden, right?  Except that there’s me.  Me=Kerri.  And the thing about Kerri is (and, wow, it sucks more to admit this than I could have imagined) that I’m not so much on finishing things.  Yeah, I quit.  I can’t say that I know why, other than laziness?  That could be it.  But, really, I quite often do not finish the things that I start.

However, as I mentioned, I do love taking photos.  So, if I’m really going to try to accomplish a goal, I should at least attempt to do it in something I already love, yes?  Yes.

So, Project 365.  This year.  That was one of my goals.  January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2010.   I just started reviewing my photos.  Guess what?  I forgot to take a photo on January 1st.

Yeah, so me.

Anyway, that project will go from January 2, 2010 through January 1, 2011.  I’ll be posting all the pics online on a photoblog that I’ll announce soon.  I won’t be posting daily, but all of the photos will go up there. 🙂

While I’m at it, here are some of my photographic goals for the year:

1: Complete the year of photos

2: Learn something new about photography in general every week

3: Learn something new about my camera every week

4: Take some kind of lighting class/seminar

5: Participate in a few photo contests.  Hmmm….that’s not specific, is it?

5a: Submit photos to at least 5 on-line photo contests this year

5b: Submit photos to at least 3 local photo contests this year

6: Participate in/lead at least 3 local photowalks this year

7: Get my business planned, organized, and going

There you go.  That’s me, with plans.  Let me know if you’re doing a Project 365 or posting photos.  I love to see what others are doing!

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A neighbor friend’s parents raise chickens and occasionally we receive a few of their eggs. I think they’re sooooo pretty. Yes, eggs. Yes, I’m odd.

It does make me wonder, though, why there are so very many pretty colors when the ones from the grocery are all so shock white. Differences in breeds? Do they bleach the eggs from the store? Maybe I don’t really want to know…

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See the resemblance? Did it at least make you smile? 😉

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Winter Photos

I’m trying to get back on my Project 365 photos. I was going to go back and catch up, but will just keep going from here.

Here are today’s photos. The first is our wintry backyard. The second is an icicle hanging on our back gutter. The third is Luke with what I believe are Pop Tart crumbs on his chin. 🙂




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whopper.jpgToday marks the third anniversary of my dad’s death. Three years. Crazy.

I always get a bit depressed about a week before this anniversary, and yet, it still takes about 3 days of feeling blue and on edge and crappy before I remember why. It doesn’t help that this anniversary occurs during sweeps month which means lots of people sick and dying, or almost dying, and lots of hospital scenes on TV. Guess I’ll have all that to look forward to until the end of time.

So, I was gonna write a bunch about him today, and now it’s gotten late and I don’t want to get myself all worked up right before I try to sleep. I don’t need more tears this week, though he deserves each and every one I have to shed. He would rather me laugh and smile when I think of him, and maybe eat a cookie. He was a good dad like that. 😉

So, that’s the picture, a few of his favorite candies. Cookies, candies, chili cheese dogs, and Dairy Queen. That’s what he would have lived on if he could. So, today, in honor of him, Bald Man and the kids and I downed a good portion of that carton of Whoppers. They were one of his favorites. At their ages, sharing a few of his favorite treats is a fun way to share a bit of their grandpa with them. Besides, it’s too cold to take them golfing. 🙂

Love you, Daddy.

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Minutes spent begging at the back door to go play in the ” ‘no’ “….30
Minutes spent in the potty/changing diapers so we don’t have to stop sledding prematurely….10
Minutes spent pulling on 3 layers of clothes so everyone stays warm….20
Minutes actually spent out in the cold playing….5

Getting fun photos of my kiddos in our wintery wonderland? Well, you know….





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