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Okay, nothing major here, just a tip on getting your kids to eat veggies.

We’ve started Crunch Contests with the kids when we serve raw carrot sticks.  Sounds basic and maybe dull?  I didn’t realize how much they would get into it!  And, we make them eat everything else on their plates before they can participate in the contest, so we get all the other nutrients in as well (AND we don’t spend forever at the table waiting for them to finish their supper!).

What are your tricks for getting kids to eat and enjoy the veggies?

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just a note….

It’s really hard to feel sorry for your kid when he’s crying because he bit his own finger while eating because he wasn’t paying attention.

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Puppy Love

You can’t tell me this isn’t the cutest dog ever. I want!!!!!!


And, AND, it fits the whole, “dogs tend to look like their owners” thing. I think we use the same hairstylist!! 😛

photo source

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What’s on my mind…

One of life’s great tragedies is the inability to pursue all that stirs the heart.

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I don’t care how comfy your three day old socks are. Changing your socks is not about your comfort, but about the quality of life for those around you.

You’re welcome.

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…when you’re still up watching odd game shows in the wee hours.

Janet Reno is over 6 feet tall? And who guesses her over Muhammed Ali, because he was still on the board? I definitely would have guessed him first. As it happens, they both are. Not Mel Gibson, though.

I’m not, though still on the tall side for a girl at 5’8″. And I love it. I used to be able to claim 5’9″. The kids shrunk me.

How ’bout you?

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Gill tagged me for a 7 random facts post. It’s taken me awhile to get to it, but here we go!!!!!!

1. I learned how to start an IV the other night. No, it wasn’t on Bald Man’s arm. Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t want to have had to try to resuscitate him, too!

2. Bald Man and I got to meet Sonic the Hedgehog (I can’t write that all cool and geeky like Jonic does) last night.


3. I spent a few summers walking beans. And one detasseling corn. I don’t think I spelled that right. Oh well.

4. I love it when my toenails are blue. It just makes me happy. (ha, at first I wrote, “when my toes are blue”. That would be a different situation entirely.)


5. I love to experiment when I bake. New experiments are usually fantastic. I can never quite reproduce them, though.

6. I’ve decided to stop coloring my hair. I’ve been coloring my hair since early college, I think. It’ll be interesting to see how many grays really are there, now.

7. I can remember the name of every crush I had from the age of 6 on. Very sad, I think.

I’m not very good at passing on the tags. If you participate, let me know in the comments!

UPDATE: Gill’s original post indicated that it was to be eight random facts. Ooops.

8. I’m not a “details” kinda girl. 😛

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*I’d hate to be on a live TV show. Our local news people are experiencing technical difficulties right now. Here’s a snippet of what’s going on:

“We’re going to watch some video of a brawl on a baseball field. There were fists flying and everything. Okay, we’re not going to watch the fight. Just trust me, it was a fight. Now, we’ll go to the weather. It’s going to be a beautiful weekend for swimming….or anything else you want to do this weekend…..(looks to his left)….meteorology?”

This went on for a few minutes. They’ve now ended the broadcast. Yeah, I wouldn’t want that job.

*So, at one of the festivals that we went to last weekend (oh man, it was a week ago already! that flew…), this guy cracked himself up. Baldman and I were in line for funnel cake…..mmmmmmm, funnel cake….which was by far the longest line at the festival. Anyway, we were behind a guy who was in his mid-50’s, I’d guess. We were in front of two girls who were probably about 16. The two girls are both on their cell phones texting.

The guy looks at the girls and says, with a smirk, “You know, it would probably just be easier to talk to each other.”

And then he starts cracking up. I mean, like when you’re laughing and you just can’t stop til you’re crying and about to wet yourself cracking up. I don’t know if he wet himself. It was dark out there. But it was a good few dozen funnel cake sales later before he stopped.

I’ll just let you imagine the look the girls gave him. 😉

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  • I’m no longer blogging at The 80’s Club. Not sure what will come of the site, but it’s still up for now. You know, if you can’t get enough of my ramblings here. I can also still bug you at Play Library. May have yet another new haunt from which to annoy you soon. Will let you know.
  • Updated my blogroll. Took some off because no one was writing on them. Added others. Divided them into mommy bloggers and others for what reason I’m not entirely sure. Not all the mommy bloggers talk strictly about motherhood. That’s all.
  • I know a lot of people with March birthdays. HB to one and all. Non-specific b/c none of you want your personal info out here, and I can respect that. So just pretend that one was specifically for you. Because it was. 😉
  • I’ll be back soon with a real post.
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    No, we don’t live in the boonies. Yes, we are probably one of the last cable holdouts. No major reasons, just cheaper, and when would we find the time to watch anything anyway? Hmmm…I started this with a point…

    Ah, yes, we have 6 channels. Guess how many of them were showing the President’s speech tonight? 5. Yes, fully (Baldman?, thanks) eighty-(mumble)% of the available channels were broadcasting the speech. What did I think of it all?

    Well, NBC definitely had the prettiest presentation, but PBS was the simplest with only the logo in the corner. No need for fancy titles or flowing flags, just a logo and the speech.

    Ohhh….you wanted to know what I thought of the speech? Yeah, I knew you really didn’t. 😉

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