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Lack of Creativity…

or time….or motivation….something…

Haven’t forgotten you all out here!!!  My brain’s just too tired to put “pen to paper,” so to speak, when I actually have the time to do it.  Thus, I’m posting a tagging of sorts.  Saw Gill’s post this morning and looked interesting, so decided to do it myself.

Sixth folder in your photos, sixth photo in your sixth folder.  Could I have made that sound more difficult?

Turns out, I only had 3 photos in my sixth folder.  Not sure why.  I think these folders were randomly thrown together.  So I just counted them twice.  Here’s the photo:

No kids section.

No kids section.

This photo was taken when Jack and I went to visit my Aunt Lynn and Patrick in South Carolina last April.  No kids.  Just a quick vacation with other adults.  This was how beautifully the table was set each night for dinner, lavishly adorned with the meal lovingly prepared by Chef Patou (Patrick).  Well, there was the one night when we had a picnic on the beach and saw dolphins swimming offshore, but this was our usual table. 🙂

I’ve never regretted having kids, ever.  But it is nice to get away and just be an adult once in a while.   A table set with beautiful crystal (ready to be filled with beautiful Kir Royales!!!), candlelight, and conversation uninterrupted by trips to the potty and fights over who wants which color bowl (maybe that’s why Lynn sticks with all black place settings? 😉 ), it’s something everyone should be treated with every once in a while.

Thanks, Lynn and Patrick, for a relaxing experience and great memories. 🙂

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Gill tagged me for a 7 random facts post. It’s taken me awhile to get to it, but here we go!!!!!!

1. I learned how to start an IV the other night. No, it wasn’t on Bald Man’s arm. Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t want to have had to try to resuscitate him, too!

2. Bald Man and I got to meet Sonic the Hedgehog (I can’t write that all cool and geeky like Jonic does) last night.


3. I spent a few summers walking beans. And one detasseling corn. I don’t think I spelled that right. Oh well.

4. I love it when my toenails are blue. It just makes me happy. (ha, at first I wrote, “when my toes are blue”. That would be a different situation entirely.)


5. I love to experiment when I bake. New experiments are usually fantastic. I can never quite reproduce them, though.

6. I’ve decided to stop coloring my hair. I’ve been coloring my hair since early college, I think. It’ll be interesting to see how many grays really are there, now.

7. I can remember the name of every crush I had from the age of 6 on. Very sad, I think.

I’m not very good at passing on the tags. If you participate, let me know in the comments!

UPDATE: Gill’s original post indicated that it was to be eight random facts. Ooops.

8. I’m not a “details” kinda girl. 😛

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