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The Return

I’ve been gone a long time, blah blah.

To the point:

The most requests I get are for the return of the game, “What is it?”   How to play:  I post a portion of a pic, you take a guess at what it is.  I assign random points, and at some point end the game.  I total the points to decide who wins.  I probably get you a gift card or something.  Last time, it was to Amazon.  (.com, not  The)


Here’s the first pic in the new serious.  Rantz, try not to break it. 😉




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What is it? Season 2: #5

The kids and I are off for a bit with friends. We’ll be doing way fun things like hiking in the woods. 😛

In the meantime, Rantz has offered up a photo of his own to stump us all. I even get to participate!!!!

Here it is:


My guess is some type of upholstery fabric.

Have fun. See you when we get back. 🙂

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Woohoo!!! Yay, Jackie. 🙂



Is from this:


I don’t know why, but the paint mixed just so looks amazingly beautiful to me. I could just stare at it for hours.

2 pts to Jack. Well done. 🙂

New one to come soon.

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Yes, the slacker is back.

And, yes, the answer was tortillas. And please don’t ever pronounce them “tor-til-las” in my presence or I might just have to hurt you. Sorry, I have to stand firm on that one.

Way to go, Rantz, you racist you!!!! Woowoo.

Really thought Jack would’ve gotten that one since I was on the phone with her when I was making them. 😛

So this:


Was from this:


Better luck next time to the rest of yunz! 😉

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What is it? Season 2: #3

Here’s the next. 🙂


Go to it! 😛

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Yes! Annie got that one. 🙂



is from this:


A photo of Luke and me “skating” at our rink downtown. The Fishers joined us (actually, skating was Tom’s idea) while they were in town. Very fun memories. 🙂

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What is it? Season 2: #2

Here’s the second photo of the season. Now, while the objects in the photo might be easy to identify, the point of this edition is to tell me what is happening in the photo. Yeah, yeah, I’m tweaking the rules a bit. If the reality shows can do it from season to season, so can I. 😉



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Yep, this:


is from this:


Yay, Auntie Jackie!!! 2 points for you.

Next one coming soon. And, again, thanks for playing, all!!! 🙂

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What is it? Season 2:#1

Yep, that’s right. A new season has begun. Who needs stinkin’ writers to keep us amused? 😉 Although the return of American Gladiators is quite entertaining. I actually stopped and watched a bit of it the other night. They’ve gotten a bit more extreme since the last round of the show!

All right, down to business. Here’s the first. Enjoy and good luck. 🙂


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First off, the reveal of What is it? #11. Sorry it’s taken me sooooo long!



is from this:


While it is technically a flower, I was specifically looking for Gerber Daisy. 2 points to Jackie.



is from this:


Peach! No points for anybody. 🙂



is from this:


Dental tools. No point rewarded. (And that one was for you, Annie!!!! 😛 )



is from this:


Homemade noodles!!! 2 pts. for Jack

And finally, this:


is from this:


Yes, it was as yummy as it looks. 🙂 I went with the first close answer, which was Anne Marie. 2 pts.

So, the totals for the first season of What Is It? are as follows:

Anne Marie 7
Jackie 6
Lisa 6
Karen 3
Joy 2
Bald Man 1
Annie 1
Sheila 1
Jonic 1

Congrats, Anne Marie!!! She has received a $15 gift certificate to Amazon.com. 🙂

And thanks to everyone who played and commented!!!!

Due to an overwhelming request to do another (or at least a good nagging from Jackie and Charea), Season 2 will be starting soon. 🙂

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