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I’m an Aldi shopper.  Can I admit that here?  Yes, yes, I think I can.  Cause it’s my blog, and whaddya gonna do?

I’ve been an Aldi shopper for a few years.  I can admit to avoiding it earlier in our marriage, but for no other reason than it was unfamiliar to me.  I’m an Air Force Brat.  You want groceries?  Go to the commissary.  Then Bald Man was working at Meijer, and we’re nothing if not brand and store loyal.

Well, we were.

A friend of mine was doing the Aldi thing and loving it.  Saving lots of money.  I’m not sure how she got me to try it out, but maybe it was serving Aldi stuff to me at her house.  And, guess what?  It wasn’t gross.  And if she hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have known.

Years and many shopping trips later, Aldi is a regular stop in our weekly shopping.  Lower prices.  Food tastes good.  And the kids don’t care about name brand cereals, pop tarts, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, peanut butter, jelly, juice, bread, hot dogs, etc.  As long as it’s not yucky, they’ll eat it.  (Okay, can I say that I do feed my children food that requires actual preparation, and not just the stuff listed there?  Kthx.)

In fact, my friend told me that when she was little, she didn’t like the name brand stuff.  Her family shopped at Aldi, that was the food she grew up with and was used to, and the name brand stuff was the weird stuff.  Who knew?

So, if you haven’t tried Aldi, yet, or are curious about some of their products, head on over to Aldi Food Review.  It’s a blog by the brother of a friend of a friend (although that friend of a friend is also a friend now, but that’s more detail than you really need).   Good reviews, I agree with all that I’ve tried, and he’s funny.

Like he says, you’re not going to get everything you need there; they just don’t carry that much variety.  But, for the staples, you will save quite a bit.  I’ve gone through spurts of shopping there.  Whenever I had a baby, I went there much less often.  I needed lots of baby stuff, which they don’t carry, and I didn’t have the extra energy to make all the extra stops.  But we’re there often now, and it’s great for our budget.  You might even save enough for a night out for yourself.   See how smart you are? 😉

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The maid is so totally fired this week.

How come none of you told me how much dirty laundry a family of five would produce? Do you forget who I am? Did you mistake me for some domestic goddess who would love nothing more than to sort, spot treat, fold and iron all day? (Okay fine, you’re right, I don’t iron.)

I said, “Yeah, we’re thinking about 3 kids.” and you just smiled and encouraged us and went about your days. You knew, didn’t you, that I’d be forever trapped in the dungeon of unwashed undies? That I’d have nightmares about the strata of tights, shorts, pj’s and boxers, just wondering where in those layers the still filthy leotard needed for tonight’s ballet class might lay? You laughed at the thought of me pulling my hair out before a line of 25 socks without a match in the lot!!!!!!

And still, you just smiled and walked away….

Shame on you.

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Everytime I’ve thought about the title of this post, my head immediately goes to the standard dating break up line, “It’s not you, it’s me.” Which, strangely enough, is appropriate here as well.

What I’m talking about is toddlers. Yes, those fantastically cute cherubic little people wandering around with the squishy cheeks being oh-so-adorable who can immediately morph into the screechingest, whiniest, most unpleasable humans to every grace the face of the earth.

Ah, so you’ve seen one or two of these specimen, have you? 😉

Okay, so, the point of this post is to let you all in on a little secret. In my experience, the two year olds get the bad wrap here. Everyone has heard the term the terrible twos, yes? Well, let me just say, if you have one child and he or she is two and you’re thinking “whew, we’ve made it through the twos quite easily and I don’t have a clue what those other parents are talking about and we must just be the BEST PARENTS EVER”……..hold on to your seat.

Really, I think every 3 year old should have to walk around with a sign that says, “It’s not you, it’s me…”, at least, every 3 year old I’ve ever met.

Tomorrow, I may tell you why. 😉

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