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Setting: Just before bedtime.

Characters: Bald Man, and 3 year old Luke

Luke: Dad, there was a toy and it’s up in the fan and I need you to make a wasso (lasso) so I can catch it and get it down.

Bald Man: There’s a toy in your fan?

Luke: Yeah.

Bald Man: Did you throw it up there?

Luke: Yeah.

Bald Man: Are you allowed to throw toys in your room?

Luke: No.

Bald Man: Go get ready for bed.

You gotta love the problem solving on the front end of the whole conversation.


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Music: Brett Dennen.

Esp. Desert Sunrise, Ain’t No Reason, She’s Mine, Darlin’ Do Not Fear, So Long Sweet Misery

Except when I was jogging this morning.  Then it was The Distance.  Fantastic for jogging.

Doing: Schooling the kiddos.  Being glad that I got up this morning to walk/jog.  Trying to figure out the schedules for the weekend.

Wishing: The weekend could last longer at the cabin.  Also, that I can take a vacation like that with my family soon.  That I could survive and function well on 4 hours sleep.  Or 7.  Or 8.

Playing: Word Twist on Facebook.

Preparing for: Jake to head off to his soccer game with Coach Daddy and Luke, and simultaneously getting Samantha to dance where I shall sit and read for 90 minutes, or chat with another mom for 90 minutes.

Planning on: Getting to sleep early again tonight so I can get up early and walk again tomorrow morning.

Thankful that: I’m sleeping much better.  I have a friend whose family will share their cabin with us, and their boat, and their time.  Healthy kids.  Bald Man.  The fact that my kids are all almost through the threes, and I never have to go back to them again. 🙂

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