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“Mommy, in the summer we can use those water guns again!”  Luke spots the toys in the basement, where they hibernate through the long winter.

In his five year old reality, summer seems another lifetime away.  Outside, snowflakes are rapidly falling to the sidewalks.  He’s home from another grueling week of Kindergarten, already changed out of his uniform and into his jammies.  He sits at the table, sipping hot chocolate.  It’s a great day, because he gets marshmallows AND whipped cream.  Life doesn’t get much better.  In his eyes, these chilly days are far removed from the pool and suntanned days of summer.

For me, it will be like the blink of an eye until their little browned bodies are running barefoot through the grass.  Just a quick flip of the calendar, and we’ll be seeing swimming lessons and days dedicated to the splashpark  littering the schedule.    Boots will be packed away, and socks will be forgotten for a season.  Bring out the Crocs and the flip-flops and we’ll all be ready to go.

Mommy time is so much different than kid time.  I sometimes feel like their birthdays come around weekly, and the time between Christmases seems to be only a matter of a few months.  Everyone told us that their growing up would fly by; told us until we were about to lose our patience hearing it.  Really, how many times can you politely smile at the same inane statement?  We knew it would be true; we know it has been true.  And yet, the reality of it seems to almost defy the laws of chronology.

So, in what will feel like a breath to me, and a lifetime to him, my little boy will trade his snowsuit and gloves for swimtrunks and goggles.  We’ll have a spring, summer and fall full of new friends, new activities, and far too many photos than the kids will ever want to entertain.  And a year from now, with the snowflakes falling and the cocoa steaming, I’ll wonder again, “How in the world has another year gone by?”

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This is it….the last night of summer break.  Samantha and I start school officially again tomorrow.  (I decided it was probably a federal offense to have school on Labor Day or something, so it worked to my benefit to not have to start on a Monday).

I decided to also start Jake in Kindergarten.  No, he’s not officially signed up.  Samantha and I do school via an on-line school.  Just like the other public schools, a child has to be 5 before he’s officially born in order to be able to start Kindergarten in the next decade, or something like that.  And, since Jake won’t be 5 for about 8 weeks, I can’t officially start him.  However, I have some Kindergarten workbooks.  He’s already started reading, loves math, and sits along with Samantha and me during the school day anyway.  I really can’t imagine waiting another year to start school with him.

So, if you ask me in person, I will try to just say, “Yes, he’s in kindergarten.”  Just imagine that I’ve explained all the rest to you in person and I’ll try not to feel like I’m lying since he’s not officially in school and such.  And that will be really hard for me.

So, there you go.  Wish me luck.  He’s excited.  I’m excited.  Samantha’s pretending not to be, but I’m hoping it’s just a good act. 😉

Goodbye, sticky, humid, hot, mosquito-laden summer days……

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